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10 misconceptions about hair transplant treatment | Kosmoderma

10 such misconceptions about Hair Transplantation

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While, people used to mostly look at changing their hair care products and/or taking essential nutrients orally earlier, the audience has become more receptive towards the idea of getting a PRP or Growth Factor Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy or even a Hair Transplant done if required.

But, with every growing awareness, thanks to the information deluge on the internet, a lot of myths come into picture too. A lot of such myths then get spread by either word of mouth of especially influencers or even acquaintances and end up perpetuating false fears in the minds of people. It is thus advisable that one should talk to their doctor first before taking any decision on their own.

However, to help you with an expert opinion, we will talk about 10 such misconceptions about Hair Transplantation in this blog.

Hair Transplants is not effective

One of the most common myths about any technology or treatment is that it might not be as effective as it is touted to be. Hair Transplant is no exception either. One reason why this myth does rounds is that the effects of hair transplant show gradually and not at once. There is a definitive cycle that gets followed up before normal hair growth is seen and this might take 2-6 months. However, once it is done, the hair grow as naturally as they could.

The Hair Growth after a transplant looks Artificial

This is another major concern which prevents a lot of people from taking up the procedure. However this is completely untrue. This is because the procedure involves transplantation of natural hair follicles from the donor site of the body to the receptor site and the same
follicles which were growing hair elsewhere would not produce hair at the new site. Hence, the resultant hair growth is going to be natural

Hair Transplant is only for Males

Not at all! Just like hair fall is common to both genders, so is hair transplant. Nothing in the procedure is such that it makes it specific to one gender.

The Transplanted Hair does not Grow

Once the hair transplant is done, the hair follow the usual growth cycle i.e. they get produced from the follicles, grow, mature and then die followed by growth of a new hair from the same follicle. Just like the hair from the other part of the body or the scalp in specific will grow, a transplanted hair will also follow the exactly same cycle.

Hair Transplant has a lot of side effects and isn’t safe

Not true. It is a common myth that hair transplant causes migraines, which scientifically speaking is not possible at all because Hair transplant is a procedure that is performed primarily on the surface of the scalp while migraines are more about nerves, none of which
are touched during the transplant procedure. All in all, the procedure is completely safe and no side effects have been reported till date.

One needs medication to make sure Hair Transplant shows good results

Not necessarily, it is not a standard thing to go by. Some people might need some but then it is very case specific and not related to the procedure. Once done, the procedure is as effective as it gets and needs no medicational support.

The transplanted hair fall off after a while

Yes, but that is because this is a part of the usual hair transplant performance cycle. This isn’t a permanent effect of the procedure. Once the follicles get transplanted to a different site, the hair in these follicles receive a shock which results in them falling off. However,
post this, new growth takes place in the same follicles and the growth cycle

The transplanted hair cannot be washed

Once the transplant is done, the hair that grow are natural and hence whatever one does with the rest of the hair on their body, the same can be done with the post transplant hair as well.

The Hair Transplant procedure is very painful

No, because usually anaesthesia is given to the person before the procedure as a preventive measure. Hence, almost no discomfort or pain is felt throughout the procedure.

The procedure can not be done on people who have been bald for long

Another major myth, hair transplant can be done on anyone who has active hair follicles and a receptor site. We hope this will help you. However, if you have any other query, please feel free to call us.


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