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6 Reasons Your Skin Is Worse in the Winter and How to Fix It? | Kosmoderma

Cause: The Lack of Moisture in the Weather

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In this blog we will cover the major affects the winters can have on your skin and what can be done to prevent or contain it. Understanding the root cause & then finding a solution is important and we will help you do just that .

Cause: The Lack of Moisture in the Weather
Winters are dry weather in general, mostly because of the dry winds that blow around this time. Also, the air in general is dry too owing to the drop in temperature resulting in an inability to retain the moisture. The result is that whenever the skin comes in contact with such dry air, it loses its moisture too.
The Damage: Increased fine lines on the face, dryness/cracked rough skin, feet & lips, increased rate of wrinkle formation
The Solution: Hydrate yourself well and keep your skin moist. We understand that nobody really has the urge to drink water in winters because it is so cold . However, water intake is necessary, not just for your skin but for the effective functioning of your body’s internal systems too. In addition to that, use a good moisturiser to keep the moisture locked into your skin. This would prevent your skin from any extra damage.

Cause: Overexposure to Heat
One very standard thing to do when it is cold is to turn up the heating systems or install air heaters or blow dryers in our homes. Now, artificial heat absorbs even more moisture resulting in the skin drying out. In addition to this, since the sun isn’t out as it is usually in the summers, a lot of us tend to go out without our usual application of sunscreen. This combined effect of the harmful UV rays on the already dry skin results in visible skin damage.
The Damage: Frequent breakouts and itchiness in the skin. Darkening of skin tone due to excessive heat. Regular sun tan because of the presence of UV rays even in winter .
The Solution: One can definitely avoid usage of too much heaters or blowers because they simply dry out the atmospheric air and your skin too. However, if you still want to use them, minimise the period during which they are on and never sit too close to them. Finally, whenever you go out, make sure you wear sunscreen. The sun might not be shining bright, but it is still very much there.

Cause: Change in the Skin Condition
A lot of us have the tendency where our skin sheds/flakes off. This process gets further aggravated in the winters. And while one might think that moisturisers will work well, the flaking is due to the skin’s lack of hydration. This happens mostly because the skin tissues’ ability to store the water/moisture gets seriously inhibited during winters.
The Damage: Increased flakiness and pores getting clogged due to the dead skin buildup. Random pimples on the body too
The Solution:If this is the condition which your skin is facing, the suggestion would be to take a dedicated medical treatment because moisturisers will definitely not be able to help you a lot here. Try rehydrating MediFacials or you can, upon consulting your dermatologist chalk out a regular winter skin care plan which would comprise of medifacials, diet, topical creams and other DIYs in general.

Cause: Altered Metabolism and Stress Patterns
Winters are known to cause lowered metabolic rates in people. So, try not to eat too much fat because that is hard to break and it will put on some extra inches for you. Also, the reduced metabolism makes one susceptible to acne
The Damage: Increased weight, Added inches, Stretch marks due to weight fluctuation, Acne breakouts, & patchy skin
The Solution: Get active, and we understand that it is not so endearing to go out for a jog in the morning but any kind of physical activity (dance for instance) which makes you sweat will definitely benefit you.

Cause: Erratic Daily Routines
Winters come with a different vibe of their own and hence our schedules get affected too. Most of us for instance tend to become lazy. Plus, the lack of sunlight also causes a feeling of gloom making us at least a bit demotivated and our preference shifts to doing just the things which are absolutely necessary and sadly, skin care does not necessarily figure in that list.
The Damage: Dull looking skin and uneven skin tone. In some people blemishes too
The Solution: We will be honest- we do not expect you to be extremely disciplined because it is winter and then the festive time is here too so it would be a bit tough to control. However, you can, along with your dermatologist plan out a monthly care routine. This would not just help you to counter the damages which your otherwise erratic routine would cause but will also improve your skin quality in general

Cause: The Woollens
Who doesn’t love the warm fuzzy feeling that the woollens give. It is cold outside and then the woollens- they make you feel so comfortable that it is tough to not wear them. Plus, how about the winter fashion? How could one let go off that?
But, these dear woollens trap the oil in the hair or the area they are covering and this accumulation is the reason why a lot of winter skin trouble starts.
The Damage: Fuzzy & oily hair and skin. Pimples- specially in the forehead region
The Solution: We would not advise you to not use woollens but, try to wash your hair more often. Or you can blow dry them too to prevent the excess oil piling up.
Our point is, winters are what they are but that doesn’t mean that the skin needs to suffer. If the season comes with cold dry air, it also comes with the luxury of warm relaxing baths and warm oil massages which can soothe your body.

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