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Top body sculpting treatments

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When it came to men, well the image of being a rugged fellow definitely did stop them from undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

However, we have come a long way from that. Not just are women embracing the fact that they prefer looking good and if that requires undergoing any feature correction, they would not shy away from that, even men have started embracing several of the available cosmetic
procedures to enhance their looks or in some cases, just to look fit.

Now, while cosmetic procedures have become commonplace, another range of events which is finding quick acceptance amongst the masses are the body sculpting treatments.

This blog lists 8 such treatments which one can undergo to get the perfect skin and body.

Face Lifts

One of the most common cosmetic procedures when it comes to facial correction. Facelifts are especially effective when it comes to anti-aging. This is because they tighten up the loose skin and give it a youthful look. The face lifts can be both surgical as well as non-
surgical depending upon the kind of effect one is looking at

Tissue Tightening

A more generic term which covers face lifts too. Tissue tightening is not just restricted to the face and can be done over any of the body part which has a skin sag. The tightening gives the skin and the body in general a very taut and youthful appearance. This procedure again
can be both surgical as well as non-surgical


A surgical procedure, liposuction is used to remove fat from the target areas such as upper arms, hips, outer thighs, abdomen, mid back, buttocks, knees, neck and chin. Liposuction may be performed alone or with plastic surgery procedures such as a face and neck lift, breast reduction or tummy tuck.


A non-surgical procedure with hardly any downtime. Lipodissolve aims at dissolving the fat stored within the fat cells and then having them flushed out of the body through the usual excretion processes.

Lipodissolve is better than liposuction in the sense that it treats the cellulite and the results look more natural because of the absence of the loosened skin which remained after liposuction.


This treatment is carried out by exposing fatty areas to low frequency ultrasound which creates micro bubbles in the fat tissues by applying combinations of varying pressure and temperature. The cavitations thus created break the fat cells, the residue thus being taken out overtime through the lymphatic system, sweating and through the urinary tract.

Butt and Breast Augmentation/Reduction

A lot of females prefer bigger and bustier breasts and buttocks. The advancements in technology have made it possible to make such dreams a reality. It is not always about increasing the size, sometimes, some people prefer having their breasts/buttocks reduced as well because of either medical or aesthetic implications. It might seem surprising but majority of clients opting for breast reduction surgery these days are males who prefer getting rid of the male breasts that develop on account of excess fat.

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