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7 Reasons Why You Should Try Electrolysis For Hair Removal | Kosmoderma

Unwanted body hair is a big worry for women.

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Excess hair on the face can be really worrisome, and many do not like extra hair growth in the pubic areas. Electrolysis is a hair removal solution which disrupts hair growth and has a more permanent results.

The 7 key points to know about electrolysis

#1: This procedure is FDA approved and can be used to treat most areas of your body. It is great for removing hair from areas like chin, upper lip, eyebrows, jawline, abdomen, breasts, bikini line and legs.

#2: In electrolysis the hair follicle is killed heat energy. There are two types of electrolysis – galvanic and thermolysis. In Galvanic, small electric charge is sent to the follicle to kill it. It is a proven method and is very safe; can be used around curved or curly hair follicles. In Thermolysis, a shortwave radio frequency is transmitted to the follicle which gets heated and killed. It shows very fast results and is a faster method.

#3: An epilator like device is applied to the skin, areas with live hair follicle, and then the radio frequency/electric current is passed on to the area to kill the follicles. This causes the existing hair to fall out, and future growth is inhibited.

#4: Unlike in laser, where dark hair has better chance of getting removed, electrolysis can be used to remove hair of any colour and quality. Currently a blend of galvanic and thermolysis is used to remove hair depending on hair type.

#5: You will need multiple sessions to remove hair completely. The total number of sessions will depend on the hair growth factor. It varies from person to person. It also depends on the area from where the hair is being removed.

#6: Instances of hair regrowth is lesser than in laser hair removal system. However, total time taken for hair removal might be little longer in the electrolysis procedure.

#7: Electrolysis does minimal damage to the skin tissue, and healing takes place very fast. You might feel little skin sensitivity and tingling for a day, which can be dealt with easily with the right aftercare.

Choose the right professional

Since electrolysis impacts the skin, so it is important that you seek the advice of a professional trained and certified in the electrolysis procedures. It is important you do your research on the method and the centres that offer these services. Take counselling session with the electrologist or a cosmetologist to understand the procedure and sessions that you might need. Based on all these, decide on the service and the service provider.


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