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Laser Tattoo Removal

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"maybe some quote which we feel resonates with our thoughts, a character we like or anything done in the spur of a moment- a tattoo stays, even after our emotions change."

However, with the changed emotions or situations come the regret of not having thought through the decision of actually getting the tattoo. Had we lived some 20-25 years ago, it would have become a life-long regret but now that we have laser tattoo removal, it has become easier to erase the mistakes of our past.

This blog is dedicated to talking about a few myths which surround the process of Laser tattoo removal. So, read on and clear those doubts and in case you have some more, do write back to us or simply drop in a message in the chat window below.

Myth #1: Black Ink Is Impossible To Remove

The darker the ink, the easier it is to remove because Laser works by targeting the pigment. Since the color black absorbs all wavelengths, the laser is able to break it up completely and extremely efficiently.

Myth #2: The treatment Burns the Skin

Lasers are extremely accurate and only target ink, also the wavelength is carefully determined to suit the requirements and hence burning is completely avoided.

Myth #3: Treatment duration is usually very long

Not necessarily, the treatment duration depends entirely on the complexity of your tattoo and the kind of time you would want to devote to each session. Hence, it can be a lunch-time procedure too and with almost negligible downtime, you can go anytime and have the tattoo removed.

Myth #4: The treatments need to be taken frequently and regularly

Multiple sittings might be required owing to the complexity of the tattoo but the sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience because unlike most dermatological treatments, laser tattoo removal isn’t a medical treatment. It is a simple procedure which just needs to be done till the tatoo is completely removed and since it is the dyes that have to be removed, it would not be a situation that the skin starts colouring itself..

Myth #5: Anyone can do laser tattoo removal

One needs to understand that laser if wielded wrong can do significant damage to the skin. Hence, though the lesser prices of the multiple salons will entice you, always go to a seasoned dermatologist if you want a safe and hassle free laser removal.

Myth #6: Anyone can get tattoo removal done

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for laser removal. The laser targets pigment that’s in the dye, but at the same time, it can also target melanin in your skin. So, the darker the skin, the more complicated it becomes to utilize a laser to remove the tattoo.

Myth #7: Laser Tattoo Removal Causes Scarring

Extremely wrong considering lasers are actually the go to treatments for treating scars. The wavelength of the lasers are pre-determined as per standard experiments done and hence the chances of scarring are zero .

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