7 Things to Know Before You Get Laser Hair Removal

Monthly waxing routines can be troublesome. The pain is just too much to take in, no matter how much the salon advertises about its painless waxes.

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"Considering the fact that laser hair removal is becoming quite a rage these days, every wax strip removal sends one into a deeper regret about why we did not choose laser hair removal instead."

Needless to say, with the growing awareness, easier and economic availability and of course the assurance of safe procedures, Laser hair removal has seen a growth rate of over 150% and is expected to grow even more.

However, as you decide to take up the procedure, here are a few things you need to know beforehand.

Laser Hair Removal is a safe, simple procedure

Even though one must have heard a lot about how there can be complications involved and how the laser hair removal cases get botched up, as long as one goes for an US-FDA approved clinic performing the procedure, it is totally simple and perfectly safe.

Laser hair removal works best on four areas.

In principle, laser hair removal can work on any body part but the parts which see the best of the results in the least number of sessions are the bikini line, under and upper lip region, the face and underarms.

Arms and legs show equally good results too, just that the sessions needed would be more considering the hair growth in these regions is usually more than the aforementioned body parts.

Laser Hair Removal cannot be performed on all hair types
Contrary to what a lot of salons and clinics claim, laser hair removal cannot be used on all types of body hair. A person or body region with coarse, thick and/or dark hair is where laser hair removal works best.

The logic is simple-laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment and hence, darker the pigment, more effective would be the laser treatment.

Certain medications have to be avoided

The dermatologist usually confirms of the medical history before starting the procedure and hence it is pertinent that one tells all the medicines one is taking. This is because certain medications can be photosensitive and hence can cause significant harmful side effects once
the laser hair removal procedure is done.

Such medicines are usually advised to be stopped at least 7-10 days prior to the laser hair removal process.

A minimum for 4-8 treatments will be required
To get effective results, a minimum of 4 sessions would be required for areas with lighter hair growth (upper lips, underarms, chin) and a minimum of 6 sessions would be required for hands and legs to show effective and near-permanent results.

A reason for this is that the hair have their own growth cycle and not all body hair grow at once. Hence, repeated sessions would be required.

You need to attend every session.
Yes, for the reason mentioned above-the hair have their own growth cycle and not all the hair grow simultaneously. Hence, missing even a single session will mean disrupting the entire procedure.

Laser Hair Removal isn’t painful
Mostly, it isn’t but some people have super sensitive skin and hence for them, numbing creams are applied to avoid even the mildest of the discomfort.

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