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Based on the size of the area being treated, some of these procedures are now just lunch time ones too.

Add to that the kind of competition in market and the prices of such technology have gone down significantly as well.
So, with such easy availability in market, as much as it means that one should try these procedures, it also means that one should be wary of what needs to be done to ensure that these procedures give the most efficient results.

This blog piece is about few such things that should be kept in mind once the fat removal procedures have been undertaken:

Massage the treated site daily for about the next 10 days. Do it gently
Your body would contain a lot of dead cells after the procedure, drink a lot of water to enable a fast and effective excretion
Take the medications as prescribed by the doctor without fail
Make sure that the procedure is well timed and does not fall around your menstrual cycle. This is because the hormonal bloating interferes with the treatment’s effectiveness and also leaves you more susceptible to pain
Take up light physical exercises like running, biking or brisk walking to ensure mobilisation of the fat cells in order to facilitate elimination
Apply body wraps and skin tightening creams as suggested. This would help your skin prevent stretch marks or skin sags
Take the following supplements for effective mobilization of the fat cells:
Vitamin B Supplements and diuretics
Liver supplements such as milk thistle and artichoke to strengthen the liver functioning and hence fat cell metabolism
Take the necessary balanced diet and focus more on antioxidants to ensure that your body feels fresh even when it is undergoing an excessive fat loss which in some cases might induce nausea or loss of stamina

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