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  • How many times have you looked into the mirror and frowned at those pesky little pit-like openings on your face?
  • How many times have you tried to cover them up, but usually end up making them appear even worse?
  • How many times have you winced as those openings got blocked and extraction was a procedure almost too painful to bear?

If you are familiar with the above ordeal, you know we are talking about annoying enlarged 'OPEN PORES'.

Medically, all of us have pores, which are indeed “open”. Pores are tiny openings in the skin that provide a way for the oil glands underneath to lubricate and protect the surface of the skin. Over a period of time due to various reasons, the appearance of these openings becomes more prominent proving to be a concern for many of us.

The areas around the nose, the chin and the forehead usually have a higher concentration of these glands as theyare the most prominently exposed and may hence present with enlarging of pores more evidently.

To classify broadly, unsightly appearance of these pores can occur due to different reasons in different age groups.

  • In younger individuals, below 25-30, these could occur due to an underlying acne condition.
  • In older individuals, the cause could be hormonal or simple aging. As with aging, the collagen content of the skin decreases and hence making the opening more lax and visible.
  • Sun damage is one of the most common causes, as the harsh ray’s effect of the sun accelerate aging and hence increase visibility.
  • Conditions like Rosacea, hyper secretion by oil glands as in Oily skin and genetic predisposition show appearance of prominent open pores amongst in all age groups.

How do I manage my open pores?

It is important to understand that they are a natural part of your skin and their appearance can be made better and they could be shrunk, but not completely removed and they also perform an important function of your skin.

Recommended In Clinic procedures:

For those whom the problem seems serious may have to resort to dermatological treatments for relief.

  • Chemical Peels
  • Mesotherapy
  • Microneedling
  • Radio frequency
  • Lasers
  • PRP

Talk to your dermatologist about these treatments to reduce those unattractive pores.

The following tips will help you prevent open pores:

  • Do not over wash your face
  • Protect yourself from the sun as much as possible
  • Rub some ice over the affected area to immediately shrink the appearance
  • DIY toner with Apple Cider Vinegar or Witch Hazel is known to be effective.
  • Use masks made of Fuller’s Earth or Egg whites.
  • Include Lemon in your at home face masks.
  • Use a simple rose water spray or Thermal Spring water spray to regulate oil production.
  • CAMOUFLAGE/MAKE-UP: Use a light liquid based foundation to gently sweep across to minimize the appearance and set with minimal amount of powder.

At home medicated treatments:

  • Washing face with a ph balanced cleanser helps regulate the secretions hence decreasing the pore size.For extremely oily skin, opt for Salicylic acid based cleansers.
  • Look for toners and moisturizers containing Alpha Hydroxy acids and even Salicylic acid in milder
  • concentrations and loaded with antioxidants. Tea tree oil as a constituent has also shown to be effective.
  • Sun protection is an absolute must. Go for non-comedogenic products, preferably water based so theydon’t block your pores.
  • At night, regularly use a prescription retinoid to improve cell turnover, exfoliation and regulation of oil production
  • Always wash your face before sleeping and remove any traces of makeup.

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