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Before Choosing Electrolysis for Hair Removal

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One can go for the monthly hassles of epilating, waxing or threading OR one can go for the likes of Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis and be done once and for all.

We have, in our previous blogs talked a lot about Laser Hair Removal. Electrolysis as a topic however remains largely untouched. This blog piece thus talks about electrolysis for hair removal.

Hope it would help you make an informed choice.

How does electrolysis work?

The process involves insertion of a metal needle into the hair follicle. An electric current is then passed to destruct the follicle in order to prevent hair regrowth. Post this, each of the hairs is probed individually and removed

How many treatments are usually required?

The number of sessions would usually vary with the individual given their hair density, hair thickness, size of the area to be treated among other factors. A treatment-given the kind of precision that is required lasts between 15-30 minutes at max. In about 8-12 months, one can expect completion of the entire body hair removal.

Do the hair grow back or is it a permanent procedure?

Mostly hair do not regrow, this is because the hair follicle is damaged. However, some of the hair which are in their growth phase will show up but will then be removed later. That is why we said that within a period of 8-12 months, one will be completely hair free.

Can Electrolysis be used on all body parts?

The areas that are treated most commonly by electrolysis include the hairline, eyebrows, cheeks, sideburn area, upper and lower lip, chin, throat, neck, breasts, underarms, stomach, bikini line, feet and toes.

Any precautions to be taken before undertaking the procedure?

The precautions are more or less the same as those for laser hair removal.

Put a pause to your waxing schedule.
Do not start with any new skin treatment regimen for the areas to be treated .
Make sure that you have yourself tested for metal allergies.
Is the treatment painful?

Most patients who undertake hair removal by electrolysis experience a mild tingling sensation. This is uncomfortable but most do not consider it to be unbearable. However, in case one does find the pain unbearable (which is not the case mostly), anesthesia can be

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported till date and this procedure is completely safe. One needs to make sure you get it done by a certified practitioner only.


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