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Get Rid of that Paunch even when you are 50

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They say 40 has the potential to be the new 20 and so by that logic, 50 should be either 25 or at max 30 (simple maths, nothing else) and maybe yes, by being cautious we could prove that too but what about the hormones? What about the dirty games these testosterone and estrogen play with our bodies? What about the reduced metabolism and weakening bones and hence what about the paunch that just comes to sit there and enjoy for the rest of our lives?

Well, well, well! This blog people, it is about that only- About What You Need To Do to Get Rid of that Paunch even when you are 50!

So, read on...!

We will first read about the physical routine and then will go to the star attraction of the blog- How to cheat your hormones into helping you lose weight.

So yeah, about the fitness routine:

  1. Get on to the weight training routine, even if you don’t want to hit the gym, do it at home but do it. The logic is simple- your muscle mass has reduced, hence your metabolism has slowed down and you need to build those muscles back to get the things on track. You can start with donkey kicks, standing hip extensions and side lying leg raises and then graduate to glute bridges and crunches
  2. Considering that your joints would have also started weakening, try doing exercises in water, Get the best spin bike for home workout as it helps you burn calories and doesnt impact your joints. The result would be 30% faster and with lesser strain applied. In case you don’t have access to a pool, well turn back to point one above
  3. And well, you should visit your physician first before embarking on your fitness regime. At an age so tender, even a tiny bit of injury can spell disaster and so it is best to keep your enthusiasm in check

This was a pretty short one because it is always better to focus on the stars and so here we go but before that let us introduce you to our friend Ghrelin here. Ghrelin dear people is the hormone responsible for that hungry feeling that you have! It is more of a survival hormone which spikes up due to lifestyle related changes such as delayed or skipped meals, irregular sleep, excessive exercise, avoiding carbs and fats or the simple act of losing weight.

To keep Mr. Ghrelin in check and hence lose weight, here is what needs to be done:

  1. Eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up.
  2. Check on your average waking hours and divide them by four. The number you get is the number of meals you need in a day.
  3. Carbohydrates and protein mix is a must you should remember and include in every diet be it a meal or snack. Thus, you will have the right things to curb those cravings, control your hunger and hence lose weight while gaining energy and stimulating fitness on the go. Just for your information: Protein increases metabolism while carbohydrates lower ghrelin thus helping in decreasing cravings (PS: contrary to the common belief that carbs cause one to fatten up and hence their intake should be minimum, studies have proved that a definitive amount of carbohydrates in the diet help in weight loss)
  4. Follow the 70/30 rule, which means that 70 percent of the calories should be taken before the dinnertime and remaining 30 percent at dinner. Also, make sure that your dinner is at least 90 minutes before your sleeping time giving your system enough time to digest.
  5. Stay hydrated- drink well and drink fine. As cliched as it maybe, drinking water seems to be the solution to most of the problems

So, dear people, that was it! That was your way to be fit and not fat irrespective of what milestones of your age you are touching.

Happy Living!

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