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Over the past few years skin lightening or skin whitening creams have become increasingly popular in the South Asian region. Several companies have been marketing their miracle products that give the promise of being capable of lightening one's skin by several shades with regular use.

Most treatments are topical and often are often unable to live up to the promise of fairer skin. Enter Glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful de-pigmentation therapy that lightens the skin from within. It has been gaining popularity because of the visible results it offers for most skin types.

So what is Glutathione and why is it so effective?

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced naturally by the liver. Our Cells contain Glutathione, which is comprised of three amino acids: Cysteine, Glutamate and Glycine. What makes this antioxidant it so powerful is its presence in every type of cell, including the immune system. It helps neutralize free radicals (a highly volatile group of atoms which are formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules) which damage other cells within the body. Glutathione has been known to help fight against some types of cancers and other diseases. But its cling to fame is its skin lightening ability.

Glutathione works in various ways to help lighten pigmentation of the skin. It helps eliminate toxins and ingest chemicals that the body has already absorbed and also helps intercept and neutralize toxins in the digestive system before the body has a chance to absorb them. It also helps lighten skin tone is by restricting the body from producing melanin, which is the pigment that gives the skin its color.

Natural Sources of Glutathione

Tomatoes, Avocadoes, Oranges, Walnuts, Asparagus and Whey Protein are great sources of Glutathione. The body however can only produce a limited amount of glutathione from the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Hence in order to treat certain conditions, Glutathione can be availed as a dietary supplement. Glutathione supplements are available in different form factors, from soaps and creams to oral pills/capsules and injectable (IV) forms. But it is most effective when it reaches and enters the blood stream. As a result, injectable forms yield better results since glutathione is transported through the bloodstream to those areas where it is required.

When Will I see Results?*

Duration of the treatment depends on the color of skin:

  • Medium Brown Skin- 1-3months
  • Dark Brown Skin- 3-6months
  • Very Dark Skin- 6-12 months or more

It should be noted though, that for results, regular use as prescribed by your dermatologist is highly recommended. Ideally, a person undergoing Glutathione therapy should take Vitamin C equivalent to two to three times the dose of Glutathione being consumed. Vitamin C helps keep the Glutathione in an absorbable form.

Are There any Side Effects?

As it is naturally present within the body, Glutathione has relatively low side-effects. However, precautions should be taken to ensure safe and effective results. Glutathione shouldn’t be taken by people taking anti-psychotic drug and chemotherapeutic drug. It should not be taken if someone has undergone an operation or an organ transplant. Alcoholic beverages can decrease the absorption of Glutathione.

Along with Glutathione, chemical peeling which is commonly used and lasers can be done to improve the texture, quality and pigmentation of the skin.

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