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Popular hair myths debunked

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Hair growth and maintenance are very demanding. However, the beauty industry is brimming with new trends and cropping up with new inventions every single day which makes it easy for us.

In this phase of the ever-swarming beauty industry, there are times when we are fed with the wrong information. Nevertheless, dichotomizing from hair fallacies from its facts will only benefit you to focus on information that will actually help your hair grow healthier and finer. Here are a few myths about your hair, and how you can utilize its truth for your gorgeous hair care.

Chopping your hair frequently makes it grow faster.

Busted: Your hair growth is determined by the follicles in your scalp. Trimming your hair doesn’t affect hair growth in any way. However, frayed ends make your hair look thinner at the ends and short. When you cut them off, your hair looks fuller and adequate. Regular trims help to keep the ends of your hair healthy and if you are planning on growing your hair longer, it is suggested to trim your hair every three months at a minimum.

Brushing your hair often makes it healthy.

Busted: It is said that the more you brush your hair, the healthier it gets. There is definitely no value in brushing your hair more than you already do because brushing your hair inordinate number of times can do more harm than good. Over-brushing can ruin your hair’s cuticles and it also damages your hair’s outer protective layer by creating friction and breakage over time.

Air drying is healthier than blow drying.

Busted: Undoubtedly excessive heat can damage your hair, but using a dryer on its lowest heat setting isn’t that bad. However, research has found out that exposing your hair to water for a long period of time can swell up the interiors and cause deeper damage within the strands. Hence, air drying can cause more damage than blow drying your hair.

Plucking your grey hair will increase its growth.

Busted: Don’t pluck your grey hair! Two will grow in the place of one. How many times haven’t we heard this phrase? Actually, there is no harm in plucking your grey hair. Grey hair growth is induced by the follicle beneath the skin. Pulling out one grey hair will not generate more grey hair growth as one follicle will not affect the others around it. However, pulling out too much makes your hair weaker over time and it is advised to not pluck your hair. Time to celebrate your silvers or book an appointment with a hair colorist.

Cold water hair wash makes it shinier.

Busted: Dousing cold water on your hair will have no effect on the texture of your tresses. To boost the shine and health of your hair, you can use conditioners and hair spa treatments to smoothen the cuticle. Using a moisturizing mask or any other hair treatment every fortnight maintains your hair strong and smooth.

These were a few popular hair myths debunked. We hope this helps and you can keep your tresses healthy and dazzling.

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