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We keep receiving a lot of queries about Hair Transplant and we keep answering them too. Sometimes, we receive some random rumour based ones too like does hair transplant cause a migraine; will hair transplant lead to permanent baldness; will the technique leave my scalp scarred etc- well nothing like that because hair transplant, in layman terms is picking your hair up from one place (hair follicle to be precise) and putting it on another so that the growth happens uniformly!

However, here are the 6 top-most queries that we receive on a daily basis. Answering them for you at one place itself so that you do not even have to search for Hair Transplant FAQs.

How Does Hair Transplant Really Work?

We have already mentioned what a hair transplant is like in layman terms- transplantation of hair follicles from one site on the scalp to another. To understand the science behind it, let us look at the various techniques through which hair transplant is done:
FUT involves removing a 6 to 10 inch skin strip from the back of the head (harvesting hair follicles from the donor area), dividing it into grafts of either individual hair or a group of hair. In FUE however, the surgeon shaves the back of the head and removes (harvests) the follicles one by one. The procedure of planting the graft is same after this for both the techniques.
Regardless of the harvesting technique (technique for removal of the hair follicles from the donor area) being used for hair transplantation, what matters most is the proper extraction of the hair follicles. Since the hair follicles grow at an angle to the surface, therefore the transplanted tissue must also be removed corresponding to that angle. It is because of this reason that getting the hair transplant done by an expert is of paramount importance for the success of the process.
Though FUE is comparatively expensive and time consuming as compared to FUT yet it is preferred because first, unlike FUT, no stitch mark is left on the scalp as no skin is removed per se. Also, the results obtained are more natural and the postoperative recovery is usually faster.
There is however another new and advanced technique for hair implantation called Direct Hair Transplant. The advantage that this technique has over the other two is that it does not require reception incision or making holes on the receptor surface.

Is Hair Transplant worth it?
Pretty subjective question considering how you define the worth. If it is worth the money- well totally. At least we can say this with regards to the procedures done at Kosmoderma. A one time investment which brings your hair back and makes you feel good about yourself is worth everything.

Which technique should I go for to get a Hair Transplant?
That depends on your budget and also your inclination towards surgical or non-surgical procedures. If you are open in these aspects, the effectiveness of all the techniques is at par. It is the recovery time that varies.

Is Hair Transplant a permanent Solution?
Yes, it is- to the areas where transplantation has been done. However, if you have a tendency for hair fall, thanks to your genetics, you hair will fall off from different spots on your scalp. But, the spots where the transplants were done- they will remain in tact.
Also, a shock hair fall at the areas where the transplant has been done happens within a month of the procedure. You do not have to worry about it because, first it does not happen to all individuals and second, the hair grow back at those spots.
So, in short- Hair Transplant is a permanent solution to your hair fall troubles.

Do the results of Hair Transplant look normal or do they look like something artificial?
The results i.e. the grown hair are totally normal like the rest of your scalp because they are your natural hair only. It is just the hair follicles which are transplanted and hence the hair that grow from them are as natural as they can be.

Are there any alternatives to Hair Transplant?
You can go for a hair wig or hair patch (a smaller variant of the vig) but they look unnatural and can be easily told from the rest of your hair. However, before you actually consider Hair Transplant, you can actually try treatments such as Growth Factor Therapy, PRP and Low Level Laser Therapy which facilitate hair regrowth.

We hope that with this, we were able to answer most of your hair transplant related queries. If you still have some- ping us on facebook or just call us!

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