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Maintain a naturally youthful skin

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Of course there are multiple treatments one can go for-something which we strongly advise to undertake every once in a while given how harsh the ambient environmental conditions are; but there are multiple good habits inculcating which can help one maintain a naturally youthful skin.

Here are some such routines that one can follow :

Consider Your Water

As cliché as it may sound, watching out on your water intake ensures that your skin remains supple. Not just that, adequate water intake also helps to ensure a smoother functioning of your internal systems thus maintaining that you remain healthy in general. And, what would be an ideal quantity of water to take- the quantity which keeps you hydrated and doesn’t result in frequent loo breaks.

Drink Green Tea

A great source of antioxidants, green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties prevent any form of collagen destruction due to the harshness of the environmental pollutants as well as boosts the skin’s immunity against the harmful UV rays. Our suggestion would be to take it once in the morning and if you feel the need to then once in the evening around your usual tea time.

Improve Your Air Quality

One cannot do a lot about the pollutants outside but when inside, having an air purifier can be of significant help. Now, some of our readers might think that how can the air inside be polluted? The air that circulates inside is basically coming from the outdoors. Breathing in purified air assumes even more importance considering the skin recuperates the most during night and a purified pollutant free air will help the skin even further.

Check Your Medicine Cabinet

Make sure that you do not take random anti-biotics or medicines just because you read about them on some website. Always, consult a doctor before trying on any new regime, even when it comes to topical creams. This is because, not every cream or medicine is suited for everyone. This is the reason why even doctors tell you to intimate them immediately if you notice any side effects.

Quit smoking

This goes without saying. Smoking not just damages your lungs, it also increases the content of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream which makes your skin look dull and patchy. Eat foods with antioxidants Try out foods like blueberries, pomegranates, acai berries, spinach, purple grapes and even dark chocolates to get enough antioxidants for your body. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C not only facilitate anti-aging but also boosts the collagen generation in the body.

Try and be Stress Free

Stress acts as a depressant for your bodily systems and hence makes you look dull and tired. Engage in activities such as yoga or meditation or even your hobbies and try to minimise stress. Confiding in your friends and family can help too. Destress yourself because a happy you is a healthy you.


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