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So what really are birthmarks?

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It could be that you've always felt awkward about that big red patch on your belly that looks like a map of Africa. Guess what? Both are not really skin anomaly, and both do not worry the skin doctors. That's because they are simple birthmarks.

Birthmarks are formed due excess pigment deposition in certain areas under the skin during foetal development. Birthmarks do not really pose any medical issue. Birthmarks are often pigment producing cells called melanocytes or can also be made of blood vessels.

So what really are birthmarks?

You have pigmented birthmarks which are formed by the accumulation of pigment under your skin. These pigmented birthmarks are coloured brown to black. In some cases the area might be lighter because of the lack of pigment in the area. These appear whitish in colour.

Then there are the vascular birthmarks which are red or purple in colour. It occurs due to the constriction of blood vessels in the area.

Your birthmarks can be flat or elevated. One thing to note is that your birthmarks can evolve or change in size in the formative years.

Types of birthmarks

Port wine stain: The most common type of birthmark, it looks like wine a stain on skin, and is a vascular birthmark. This varies in size, and commonly occurs on face. Port wine marks can actually grow in size or look more prominent as you grow older.

Salmon patch: This kind is pale pink in colour and appears in small babies. It is also a vascular birthmark. This is often seen on the face or the neck of a bay after birth, and generally vanishes over time.

Café-au-lait spots: These are coffee coloured patches and are pigmented birthmarks. These can appear in any part of the body. In most cases a person might have more than one of such marks in the body.

Mongolian spots: Mongolian spots are pigmented birthmarks and are bluish grey in colour. It often looks like a bruise. It generally appears on the back or buttocks. This is the most common type for people with darker skin tone.

Congenital moles: These are large black or brown marks, which might be raised, are quite common type of birthmark. This is also a form of pigmented birthmark, which can get raised as you reach puberty.

How to remove birthmarks

While birthmarks are not really harmful but for many it may give rise to cosmetic issue. This istrue especially if it is on the face or on more obvious place. The treatment depends on the type of birthmark it is. The approach is different for both pigmented and vascular marks.

Pigmented birthmarks can be cleared or lightened using laser treatment. There are two types of laser treatment that can be used – Pulse Dye Laser or NDYag Laser. The final decision lies with the doctor depending on the severity of the case. Lasers are targeted at the pigments to break them, which are then naturally removed from the body through the lymphatic system.

In case of the vascular birthmark minor cosmetic surgery might be required again depending on the state of the birthmark.

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