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Hyperpigmentation medical treatment plan

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While there is a lot of content on the internet telling us how certain do it yourself (DIY)/do at home treatments could be of significant help in curing hyperpigmentation, the same isn't necessarily true.

This is because, just like all melanin depositions, hyperpigmentation is also the result of deposits under the skin layers and hence the treatments aimed at containing/treating hyperpigmentation also have to target the deeper and not superficial layers of the skin .

A dedicated medical treatment plan however can help with containing hyperpigmentation as well as reducing the damage already done.


Retinoids are one of the most common ingredients of OTC products when it comes to treatment of hyperpigmentation. Derived from Vitamin A, their small molecular structure allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin at the layers below the epidermis, thus allowing for an effective treatment. While retinoids are potent enough to treat hyperpigmentation, since they come in the form of OTCs mostly, the overall combination inhibits their effectiveness in general. However, if the dermatologist suggests retinoids in a different form or as a treatment aimed at maintenance, significant results can be seen.


A quick lunch time procedure, microdermabrasion involves exfoliating the skin using tiny particles to remove dead skin. There is no downtime with this procedure and dermatologists generally recommend that one has the treatment done every 2 -4 weeks to achieve best results. The treatment is more suitable for people with mild pigmentation and in all improves the appearance of skin discolouration .


A chemical peel involves the use of mild to strong facial acids to remove the epidermis and thus helps in faster collagen production and skin rejuvenation. Once the peel is applied, the outer layers of the skin either comes off immediately or over some time giving way to fresh and healthy skin from beneath. Depending upon the extent of damage that has been done to the skin, the strength of acid/chemical being used is varied. Remember that post care after a chemical peel treatment is very important.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy

A non-ablative laser therapy, an IPL involves directing high intensity laser pulses at the targeted areas. Given the fact that it is concentrated on specific areas, the overall effectiveness of this treatment is way more than the others. In addition to hyperpigmentation, IPL can also treat wrinkles, spider veins and enlarged pores.

Laser skin resurfacing

Last come the laser skin resurfacing technique. This treatment can involve the usage of ablative or non-ablative lasers depending upon the extent of damage done to the skin. The method is standard and involves targeting the laser beam at the target spots in order to break down the pigments which then get removed through the usual bodily systems.

There can be several combinations which a dermatologist may prescribe to a patient depending upon their requirement. However, the word of caution here is that even though there would be multiple salons or clinics offering these treatments, one should always opt for a experienced and certified dermatologist. The treatments used are medical in nature and hence if anything goes wrong or is done carelessly, the damage would be way more than what the benefit intended was.

Hence, choose your dermatologist wisely.


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