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I was so happy to move to Bangalore from Mumbai as I love Bangalore weather. It feels so fresh and cool all the time. But within just a couple of weeks, I started noticing that my skin looked too dull and started to breakout! I've got very dry skin, which I take care of as best I can, but I never had breakout issue back in Mumbai. I wasn't sure what was making my skin react like that, but then I started wondering if it's got something to do with the hard water I had to use in the area I lived!After some R&D I figured out, the minerals in hard water are the culprits. Minerals evidently settle on the skin. The soap doesn't dissolve well in hard water and a residue is always left behind on the skin after you have rinsed it off. The same goes for your make-up, if you only rinse it off with hard water a lot is left behind on your skin.
Result?: Highly clogged pores, your skin loses moisture and feels dry and rough. Because this also affects your skin barrier (protective layer on the skin) it starts to break out.

So what can you do when you are facing hard water problem?

  • People can do a few things to limit the negative effects of hard water on skin. Most experts agree the best thing to do is avoid hard water.
  • Installing a water softener can help remove many of the minerals in the water, making it softer. If installing a water softener is not possible, you should limit your exposure to hard water by taking shorter showers
  • Bottled or filtered water should also be used to wash the face and hair or at least use the last rinse of soft water.
  • For the body (not face), use body wash instead of soap. Most body washes are made using detergents which aren’t affected by minerals in hard water, so they foam up and clean your skin every time. For face, use a self-foaming face wash or a cleansing milk to keep your skin clean as foaming cleansers may not lather up in hard water, and gel-based face washes may not rinse away nicely.
  • Because of the fact you don’t get a good lather with hard water, you’ll find yourself using more soap to get clean, which only adds to the problem. To prevent this, individuals with hard water should use only the normal recommended amount, or less, if possible.

Hard water may not be the cause of skin conditions, but there is a lot of evidence indicating it can aggravate things further. With soft water, you are more likely to have the beautiful, clear skin you want.

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