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Here are 10 things that you need to know about laser hair reduction treatment.

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If you’re reading this, you’re quite fed up with the unwanted hair on your body. You’re dreaming smooth, soft , flawless hair free skin. The prospect of never ever having to endure a painful waxing, the silent nick of a razor, the mess of a hair removal cream… A few sessions under a laser light for a lifetime of never having to worry about unwanted hair seems like a pretty good trade. But is laser hair reduction treatment the best way to go about it? What does the procedure entail? How should you prepare? And is laser hair reduction permanent?

Here are 10 things that you need to know about laser hair reduction treatment.

1. It’s not painful.


It sounds painful — sharp beams of light burning off the hair on your skin. But it really isn’t, unless you have super sensitive skin. The laser light converts to heat and damages the hair follicle and bulb. This could sting in areas with thinner skin. Numbing creams are applied to prevent even the mildest discomfort, so you shouldn’t feel a thing.

2. It’s not as expensive as it sounds


Think about it — the monthly waxing appointments, or the tubes of hair removal products or the special razors and shaving foam for sensitive skin aren’t exactly inexpensive. Multiply that by the months and years. In comparison, the cost of a permanent laser hair reduction at a reputed skin clinic is quite reasonable.

3. It works on ingrown hairs


Is that a collective chorus of relief we hear? Laser treatment encourages the hair to grow straight — so you won’t have to deal with any more ingrown hairs and skin irritation , giving you clearer, smoother skin.

4. It’s a process.


It usually takes about 4 – 8 sessions to achieve effective and long lasting results. You will need at least 4 sessions for areas with lighter hair growth – like the face (upper lip, chin) or the underarms, and at least 6 sessions for the hands and legs. These sessions would be spaced out depending on your hair growth rate and other factors that your doctor will determine. So the whole procedure could take a few months.

5. Duration for each session depends on the area to be treated:


Each session can be under or over an hour depending on the area of treatment. Minimal growth areas like upper lip takes under few minutes while extensive stretches can take up to an hour or more. This is assuming you’ve avoided using makeup and have shaved / trimmed the hair in the area that’s going under the laser.

6. You can’t miss a session


Everyone’s hair has its own growth cycle. Your sessions are customised to you — and are not a one size fits all. Missing a session can disrupt the entire process. Also avoid plucking, dyeing or waxing for the duration of your laser hair reduction treatment as it impedes the process.

7. You need to protect your skin after each treatment


This could mean no hot showers, pool time, saunas, gym time, or sun… Your skin needs at least 24 hours to recover from each session. Your doctor will give you a list of things to avoid and things to do to care for your skin and prevent a breakout.

8. It works on all skin tones


Fair, dusky, wheatish, white — a laser hair reduction treatment works for everyone. The hair just needs to be dark enough to be differentiated from the skin as the laser works by targeting the follicle which is darker than the skin.

9. Consult your dermatologist before you do it


While there are a number of salons and clinics that offer laser hair removal for men and women, this process is best done under the care of a qualified dermatologist. Your dermat will evaluate your medical history before starting the procedure, and might advise you to stop certain medications that could have an adverse reaction to the procedure. He, she or they will also tell you what you need to do to care for your skin before, during and after the procedure so that you get the best results.

10. Follow ALL your dermatologists instructions after


This could mean going without makeup, changing your beauty regime, switching up the products that you use, and avoiding certain beauty treatments before your sessions. Following your dermat’s instructions to the letter gives you the highest possible chance of near permanent laser hair reduction. And isn’t that worth it?


In short, laser hair removal is for people looking for a more permanent solution from the razors, yanking of waxing strips and the uncomfortable stench of hair removal creams. But it is a tedious process that requires meticulous care and a whole level of patience. It may even need a top up treatment after a while. However the results will leave you satisfied and smooth for way longer than any other hair removal method.

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