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Having a good esthetician gives you an edge in taking good care of your skin

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Medical Estheticians are professionally occupied with the health & beauty of the skin. Sometimes people down-play the importance of a medical esthetician. I adore medical estheticians because I believe being an esthetician is a role with a lot of responsibilities.

Unlike a spa beautician, an esthetician has a thorough understanding of skin anatomy & skin disorders. She learns not only basic skin care skills, but also cosmetic chemistry, make up & camouflage techniques for patients with burns & disfigurements, as well as business skills. They hear clients' stories that don't often get told, support them through difficult skin issues, and share a trusted relationship with them.

People often think that an estheticians duties only include performing routine facials, extractions and microdermabrasion. But in a dermatologist’s clinic, medical estheticians may assist in research & clinical studies, design medifacial treatments for maintenance, may work with the doctor by cleansing or preparing the patient for an advanced peel, or may take on the role of a laser technician under the supervision of a medical personnel. They can also manage the retail centre, educate patients, perform pre & post-operative treatments, assist in treatment plans, and provide routine skin care services.

In a medical spa setup, estheticians weave together spa services & surgical procedures under doctor’s guidance. For example, in one visit, a patient could receive a facial, a body treatment, a collagen injection to fill in wrinkles or make lips fuller and a consultation with a doctor. This is not possible without medical estheticians around.

Having a good esthetician gives you an edge in taking good care of your skin on a regular basis. Once you consult your dermatologist, your esthetician is the one who can point you in the right direction, keep track of changes, and provide professional treatments such as proper extractions, exfoliation and nourishment which you can’t do by yourself.

When you go for maintenance to a medical esthetician, he/she can tell if the skin needs extra attention. They can read your skin. For instance, break-outs on your cheeks are usually caused by a different set of issues than break-outs on your chin. Under-eye circles vary, and can be either genetic or attributed to a host of digestive/stress issues. Pre-mature aging is the same. It is much easier for an aesthetician to figure out the skin issues since they keep track of your every visit.

Due to her thorough knowledge, an esthetician can help ensure that your beauty investments are the best for your skin. You could buy 10 products looking for the right one, or pay a little bit more, get good advice, and buy one that works for you.

Medical estheticians are not beauticians. They are way ahead in training, skills, knowledge & professionalism than beauticians. Since they are much more approachable, you can see an esthetician on a regular basis for skin maintenance & skin care for a healthy & radiant looking skin.

-Farheen (Senior Medical Aesthetician)
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