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Easiest skin care regime for the monsoons!

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But then there are days which give the feel that they would be rainy but the sun shows up instead making you take a calculated risk or be a bit careless about keeping an umbrella.

The result- sometimes you get drenched and other times, you feel as if you carried the umbrella’s weight uselessly.

Now, this was you- a being with fully grown smart brain capable of taking actions as and when required.
Ever wonder about your skin?
The poor skin- your first line of defence though isn’t used to such changing climatic conditions and even if it suffers, the max it can do is give you subtle signals for help.

But, when you have Kosmoderma by your side, does your skin really need to worry? Well no and this is why we are sharing with you the easiest skin care regime for the monsoons!

Wash your face Twice- at least
Yes, because we know that most of the times you are in office in the air conditioned environment so washing once in the morning and cleansing up well once you reach home will suffice.
In case you travel in between, keep the wet wipes handy! And of course if you use a wipe in between, sunscreen application will have to be done without fail!

Sleep sans any cream on your face
Yes, because your skin needs to breathe and feel at home too. Give it some time to relax and avoid any beauty product application before sleeping

Replace your regular moisturiser with essential oils
And do not apply them after having a bath. Apply them immediately after waking up and then get a good bath with lukewarm water. You can alternate with hot and cold water while bathing but that might be too much of an effort hence-lukewarm.
The reason- you wouldn’t want your pores to be breathing enough to inhale infections that abound during monsoons!

Keep the usage of antiperspirants and deodorants to minimum
Yes, because the pores do not want to get clogged, neither should your sweat accumulate. Just clean up the usual way- soap/body lotion and water

Eat healthy and go low on fat
Will help your internal systems because the metabolism goes a bit slow in monsoons. So why load up?
(PS: It is okay to have pakoras and tea once in a while to enjoy the rains to the fullest but just make sure that the rest of the days, you stick to your health more)

Get back to the Basics
No fancy makeups or creams, apply sandalwood paste. The purest form and you will see the magic on your own.

Feel good about yourself
Listen to some good music, dance, read some good books, watch some good tv series and do anything and everything that keeps you happy because a happy you is definitely a healthy and glowing you!

Hope that helps!

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