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Basic Power Dress Etiquettes

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So, every morning, getting up, gearing up for the workout regimen or say, just getting up from the bed itself isn't an endeavour any less in itself and then comes the ominous decision about deciding what to wear for work!

It is like, can we just not go to work in our comfy pajamas and the boyfriend tshirts? Wouldn't it be so much better and we would be so much more productive when that comfortable!
But then, corporate rules and the pressures that come along with it. Also, considering the positions that we hold and the responsibilities that we have, power dressing has to be there!
Well, this blog here is not going to be about a wardrobe changeover or telling you about dresses which you might be owning already! This blog is all about those teeny tiny things also called the basic Power Dress Etiquettes we forget to notice and which in turn mercilessly massacre our entire power dressing bit!
Here is to not making those mistakes:

We start with Hair
First, ensure that your hair are not wet when you come to office. Wet hair signify that you are not taking your life seriously and you cannot manage time well- something you would not want anyone to think.
Also, no loose hair! Tie them tight! Loose hair is elegance and beauty but power dressing is something to the point and not soft. So pin them up well!
If, you feel that loose hair suit you and you want to go for them only, well then just gel them up well so that they don’t keep falling on your face and become a distraction.

Next goes the face!
No point being the goth queen at office. Let us keep that for after office so while your Red lipstick is perfect, don’t make your eye makeup too loud. Keep it light, because nothing has more power than simplicity.
Also, your ear rings. Though most of you know it already but danglers or anything hanging is a pure pollutant for your entire official-formal dress. Avoid them totally.

The Dress
You don’t have to restrict yourself to your usual blacks, greys and whites! Add some solid colors like dark blue, pastels too, yellow looks smart and so does red. The only point to remember- ensure the prints are solid and avoid shine!
Shine is cute and beautiful while Power comes to solid!

The Watch
As per surveys, more than 80% of the people pay attention to the watch so you know that you need to keep it classy too! Keeping it classy is not a big deal- just buy the one which goes with most of your outfits. The outfits- well we have mentioned them already!

The Last- Your Footwear!
You can go for any footwear, it is all perfectly fine! Just that if you go for peeptoes which you will many a times, ensure you have had a good pedicure because if your feet/toes look dirty- it just kills it!

So! Keep these tidbits in check!

See you soon!

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