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The heaven part which we just mentioned above, we leave that for you to explain to us as your happy memories while as we write, we try to make one aspect of your hell a bit easier for you!

Acne- well it is enough of a concern for normal healthy humans only and then when you are pregnant, nauseous, confused about your diet and too tired already and plus you see a pimple popping on your face and then you see so many of them suddenly- we cannot even imagine what you must go through then!

What makes it even sad is that you cannot take many treatments because most of the modern acne treatments are not recommended as safe during pregnancy.

But dear Mommies-to-be, you do not need to stress at all because by the time you finish this post, you’ll know why it happened, what can be the cure and what all you need to avoid! So brace yourself and read on!

What causes Acne during Pregnancy?

For firsts, acne during pregnancy is just another acne and nothing special. It is just that the hormones (mainly androgens) prompt the sebaceous glands in the skin to get bigger and boost the production of an oily substance called sebum more than usual.
This miscreant called sebum combines with the dead skin cells that line the hair follicles blocking the pores and hence creating an environment in which the bacteria which are already present on the skin multiply rapidly.
All this eventually leads to inflammations and skin eruptions resulting in acne.

The during pregnancy acne can be mild, moderate or severe depending upon your skin’s tendency as well as the amount of excess sebum generated. The acne thus caused may come and go (usually striking during the first and second trimester) or in some cases, it might stay on through the entire pregnancy (the last one is very very rare though).

How can you cure it?

The procedure is simple and mainly restricted to home-based treatments so that you don’t have to step out much and can handle your acne from the comfort of your home. Read on to know how:

  1. Wash gently with a mild soap or cleanser twice a day
  2. Gently tap your face dry. No need to scrub your face to dryness because that will irritate the skin and further aggravate the problem
  3. Make sure your moisturiser is oil free because oil is something you already have in plenty in your skin
  4. Make sure your makeup is non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic i.e. it does not clog pores. Also make it a habit to wash your makeup off your face before you hit the bed.
  5. Do not go for any random over the counter product, more so since you are pregnant and some of the ingredients may cause damage to your baby. It is thus strongly advised that you have a word with your dermatologist and let them select the right curative product for your acne

Most Importantly- what you need to avoid!

Well since you are holding a life inside you right now, this is the most important section and we would want you to make note of everything that is being said here.

  1. Acne breakouts find a very common solution in products containing tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene. These products are a strict NO-NO until you deliver and have stopped nursing your child since these products get absorbed through the skin, make their way into your breast milk and then to your baby’s bloodstream who will be then feeding off you.
  2. Similarly, you need to avoid products containing tetracycline and oral isotretinoin which according to certain medical findings are responsible for birth defects
  3. Regarding beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) and salicylic acid, though sufficient study has not been done on the same to ascertain their effects on pregnant women yet they do have a tendency to get absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and hence there is no point taking a risk.

The best option to go by would be to read the label and see that any of the aforementioned is not present and if they are, well you know what to do!

This blog was our try at making things easier for you (of course within the scope of our expertise). The advice however remains just like always- Have a word with your dermatologist before going about using any of the medication, more so since you are pregnant.

Afterall, you are going to give birth to a new life and hence being extra cautious becomes a given!

Have a happy pregnancy!

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