Kosmoderma range of products was founded by Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Chytra V Anand in the year 2011 because she believed that home care is just as important as in clinic treatments.

Why Skin Care is important?

Good skin care is essential to graceful aging. Skin is the largest organ in your body. Your outermost skin layer — the epidermis — is your body’s first line of defence against intruders, such as germs, and the external environmental factors. It shields the second layer of your skin, the dermis. The epidermis also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. Although appearance might not be the most crucial function of your epidermis, this layer of cells does act as your “face” to the world. When the epidermis becomes damaged, you can end up looking older than you actually are. So it is very important that you take care of your skin. Good skin care requires a lot of effort. Skin care must include all of your skin from head to toe. A regime of cleaning and moisturising should be followed every day for it to be effective. Avoiding exposure to the sun and tanning is ideal to prevent the harmful effects of radiation. Application of sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 and taking antioxidants is helpful as well. Smoking should be avoided. A healthy diet is beneficial in improving the elasticity of the skin.

Purity Face Wash

Blemish Control

For Acne and Breakout- prone Skin

Acne and breakout prone skin needs special care. With the right kind of home care regimen, it can be easily managed. It is very important to use medicated products for this kind of skin concerns.
Kosmo Purity face wash is dermatologist recommended acne face wash. It has a powerful anti acne BHA & AHA with anti‐bacterial properties for smooth, clear and acne‐free skin. It stimulates the skin’s immune system by preventing frequent acne breakouts from happening and unclogs & treats breakouts and blackheads. The Green tea extract give added skin protection.

Purity Face Wash lifts away dirt, oil, and bacteria, promoting clean and blemish‐free skin.

Purity Toner

Total Repair Solution

For Acne prone, Oily skin

Kosmo Purity Toner is extremely beneficial for acne prone & oily skin. A unique blend of Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids eradicates oily and dull looking skin, offers successful adjunctive treatment of facial acne and reduces the effects of photo aging.

Beta- hydroxy acids are able to penetrate the pores and exfoliate accumulated dead skin cells and restore skin balance. An excellent product for daily oil and shine control

Purity Mask

Mask out forever…

The Kosmo Purity Mask is designed especially for acne prone skin and all types of acne. It can be used on the back and shoulder areas and for folliculitis.

The mask is excellent for acne prone oily skin, but it can also be applied to dry skin. If the skin is very dry, keep it on for 8-10 minutes only followed with with Ultra Moisture Blast cream. For oily skin, keep it on for 15 minutes and follow up with moisturiser . You may also spot treat acne by keeping it overnight.

This mask contains ingredients like kaolin, Calamine to soothe inflammation, Triclosan an antibacterial agent, Vit E – for moisturising and nourishing, Neem – excellent for acne prone skin as is antibacterial, and Peppermint, Rosemary, Sweet Almond which are soothing and anti inflammatory.

SkinBrite Cleanser

Glow Wash

For All Skin types / Brightening / Pigmentation

A foaming pH balanced cleanser that refreshes, softens and rejuvenates the skin. Licorice extract lightens the skin naturally. This non‐ionic formula from Kosmoderma is suitable for all skin types. The Chamomile is calming to reduce inflamation and irritation of the skin.

SkinBrite Serum

Even out

For all skin types / Brightening / Pigmentation

Kosmo SkinBrite Serum is whitening / brightening solution with Licorice and Vitamin C ( L Ascorbic Acid) that lightens & brightens the skin tone and gives miraculous results on pigmented skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid that keeps your skin hydrated and feeling fresh.

SkinBrite Cream


For all skin types / Brightening / Pigmentation

Kosmo SkinBrite Cream is one of the most effective hydroquinone free brightening products on the market today that combines effective and active ingredients Kojic Acid, Licorice, Alpha Arbutin and Carotene to combat the effects of melano synthesis. It is a non‐abrasive cream with enough power to experience results in only 4 weeks.

Skinbrite can be used long term for skin brightening and radiance. It is a maintainenc cream for people having skin pigmentation.

Skin Brite Mask

Mask away your flaws

If you are frequently exposed to an urban lifestyle with pollution & sun, Skinbrite Mask is a must have. Its active brightening agents like Niacinamide, vit C,E and papaya extracts help reduce everyday tan and damage

Get rid of pigmentation and skin tan with regular use of Kosmo SkinBrite Mask. When combined with Skinbrite cleanser, serum and tablet, it acts on exfoliating existing pigment in both superficial and deep layers and targets the process of pigment production so as to maintain the results for long periods.

BB Cream

Be Bright

Instant aid for all skin types

Kosmoderma Day brightener / BB cream is a combination of brightener, softener and sunscreen with SPF 28. This cream is light on the skin, yet easily covers up imperfections while simultaneously making the skin look brighter and healthier. It gives you flawless skin without having to put on excessive layers of makeup. It is very popular as a fix it cream as it instantly makes the skin glow and look brighter and controls skin inflamation.

Kosmo Ultra Moisture Blast

Healing Therapy

For dry to very dry skin, chapped skin on face, body and lip areas.
Kosmo Ultra Moisture Blast is made of urea, glycerol, Hyaluronic acid and lactic acid 1 %. It can heal the most common concerns occurring due to dryness of the skin.

This multipurpose cream can be used for:

• Patients with amyloidosis / acanthosis / hyper pigmentation
• Post procedures on face / body areas after Phenol peel, TCA Peel, Black Peel Darkening of underarms, inner thighs, knees, elbows
• Ingrown hair
• Chapped dry lips as a lip balm

Kosmo Ultra Moisture Blast can be used for all skin types, except oily skin on the face.

Hydraboost Serum

Quench your Skin’s Thirst

For dry / dehydrated skin

Hydraboost Serum is the answer to all dry skin problems. When you are done with moisturizers and creams and your skin still feels dry, Hydraboost is the solution. We all know and understand that serum are the best way of delivering products or medicine into the skin. Hydraboost serum has hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and corrects dry damaged skin. Even though it falls into the category of heavy moisturizer it doesn’t clog pores and hence we need not worry about acne breakouts. It also works as a very good makeup base and prevents makeup from clogging pores.

Daily Sun Shield

Sun Damage… No More…

Sun protection for all skin types

Kosmo Daily Sun Shield – SPF 30 with UVA/UVB protection is light and easy to use formula for frequent usage with added anti oxidant properties.
Sunscreen is one of the keys to radiant, youthful-looking skin. Freckles, age spots, spider veins on the face, rough and leathery skin, wrinkles, loose & dull skin, a blotchy complexion and skin cancer can all be traced to sun exposure.

By reducing your daily sun exposure, sunscreen allows your skin time to heal and your immune system the chance to repair some existing damage. Daily use of sunscreen is a must and should be a part of your home care regimen.

Multi Vitamin Moisturiser


For all skin types

Kosmo Multi Vitamin Moisturiser keeps your complexion fresh all day. It not only moisturises but also decreases the appearance of the fine lines as it contains Retinol. Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin M (a B vitamin that is essential for cell growth and reproduction) with Co Q10 combat free radicals that cause aging skin.

Skin Calming Balm


Post peel / procedure balm, damaged skin

Kosmo Skin Calming Balm provides the skin with all the necessary nutrients to regain and retain a healthy complexion. This pH balanced balm is ideal to rebalance the skin after peels and laser skin procedures, reduce inflammation and is excellent for environmentally damaged skin. The Vit C & Vit E give it added anti oxidant properties and arbutin helps reduce chances of post procedure pigmentation.


Revitalising Eye Therapy

For Dark circles, Puffy eyes

The skin around the eye is particularly thin and delicate. It shows signs of age & stress instantly. Kosmo BriteEyes is a revolutionary therapy. It has revitalising acetyl hexa‐peptide ‐ 3 with micro encapsulate of multivitamin A, C & E. It reduces wrinkles, fine‐lines and puffiness and fades away dark circles around the eyes.


An internal Sun Protection!!

Antioxidant Supplement / Skin Nutrition

The absolute worst thing we can do to our skin is unprotected sun exposure.  About 80% of the wrinkling, dark spots and sagging skin is caused due to sun exposure. 

KosmoGlow is an antioxidant supplement specially made for people living in the tropics and exposed to sun constantly. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, boost immunity, delay skin aging and protect against sun damage. It almost works as an internal sun screen for your body due to Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Bioflavinoids and Pycnogenol the super anti oxidants. The reason that our skin changes over time, is directly related to collagen break down.  Due to its anti oxidant protection the ageing skin changes like fine lines, pigmentation spots, irritated skin is reduced giving you an added internal protection.

KosmoGlow antioxidant supplement is recommended once a day as part of a skincare regimen by dermatologists.

Kosmo Sun Protect

The sun protector to reduce tanning and repair skin.

The Kosmo Sun Protect is a cutting edge anti-oxidant pill designed to protect the skin from sun radiation which in turn will aid in reducing sun burn and sun tan.

It contains Polypodium leucomotas a well-researched and established plant extract that increases resistance of skin to sun burn. This unique formula, proprietary to Kosmoderma literally acts like an internal sun protector and helps us protect ourselves from UV Radiation.

To boost the anti-oxidants, the formula also contains super anti-oxidants like pine bark extract, Pycnogenol, Co Q10, Vitamin C which work on minimizing the inflammatory damage caused by sun, pollution and climatic changes and helps in skin repair.


A MultiCleanser

For All Skin Types

Cleansing is the most important part of a skincare regimen. Cleansers come in many forms and should be used twice a day. Soap is not usually recommended, as it can leave a film on the skin and can be quite alkaline, causing dryness. Cleansers that rinse clean with water and are not too harsh are the best choices.

Kosmo Cleanser is a multi-cleanser that thoroughly cleanses, hydrates and also protects the skin. It has a unique formula that is suitable for all skin types & conditions. It’s active yet gentle ingredients like oats; shea butter will leave the skin feeling soft and supple. This soap free product is non – irritating and cleanses without leaving a filmy residue that can clog pores. Because it is pH balanced, it protects the acid mental layer of the skin that in turn protects the skin from sun damage and dehydration.

Moisture Blast Mousse

Moisture Blast Mousse

Moisturisers abound in the market and no matter how effective they are touted to be, the affect wears off in a few hours at max. Add to this the problem that either they aren’t moisturising enough or they end up being greasy and sticky giving the skin a dull look.
Kosmoderma’s new Moisture Blast Mousse has been created keeping all these concerns in mind in addition to a few others too.
Moisture Blast is an oxy-moisturising mousse which means it not just moisturizes but also gives the skin the ability to fight against the free radical damage. It is non-greasy and hence non comedogenic.

The mousse has a smooth texture which evenly spreads over the skin.
Needs to be applied once a day for normal skin and twice a day for dry skin. 2 pumps of the mousse would be enough for full face.

Detan Body Lotion

An absolute damage repair

For Sun Damaged / Pigmented underarms area, inner thigh / Ingrown hairs

Is your skin sun damaged, pigmented, clogged, wrinkled, dull looking and/or rough? Do you have ingrown hair problem or a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris (KP) commonly described as bumpy dry skin?

Detan body lotion can help you with all these problems and more. It is an absolute damage repair for your skin. We call it a Detan Therapy.

This lotion is formulated with AHAs & skin lightening agents to help relieve rough, dry and environmentally damaged skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, in-grown hair, fine lines and wrinkles with repeated use.

Enzyme mask

An Instant Glow

For All Skin Type

Because Kosmocare Enzyme mask dramatically benefit the skin, it is an ideal addition to your skin care regimen, delivering radiant skin in just 10 minutes.

Made with papaya & pumpkin enzymes, Kosmocare Enzyme Mask is designed to address dull skin, pore congestion, dehydration, and more. This professional-grade mask is formulated with a lot of research and advanced ingredients to yield dramatic skin improvement. It has natural source of antioxidants with vitamins to protect the skin and it also helps brighten the skin tone by exfoliating dry dull skin and lightening superficial pigment.
Enzyme mask is super concentrated and penetrating; so you only need to use it once a week. It is a perfect pre-party/pre-event mask because the benefit of this mask can be seen almost immediately, as it gives an instant boost to the skin.


• It makes the skin smoother and softer
• Brightens the skin complexion
• Helps with cell rejuvenation process
• It improves skin ability to retain moisture
• It helps product penetration
• The skin becomes smoother which makes the application of makeup easier

Kosmo Hair capsule

Nutrition for Hair

The Kosmo Hair capsule is a supplement which is a first step to all kinds of hair fall. It is a well balanced and very well accepted cocktail of hair nutrients. It has all vital ingredients required to correct hair fall due to nutritional deficiency. It has biotin, iron and folic acid which are pillars of hair vitality in the right concentration. It is well balanced for both men and women.

Skin Brite Capsule

Complexion Booster

The Skin Brite capsule has been specially formulated by our expert Dermatologists to help Indian skin to increase the skin’s immunity to UV radiation and decrease tanning. The combination of L Glutathione a super antioxidant and Polypodium extract a photo protector helps maintain skin color and give the skin a healthy glow.

With long term use the Skin Brite capsules brightens the skin complexion, promotes skin health and helps in skin restoration.
Take the capsule daily, at least 2 hours ahead of sun exposure. If you tan easily or suffer from photosensitive skin & sun rashes then take one capsule, twice a day for best results.