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Its that time of the year. Valentines day is just around the corner and that means we are all gearing up to spend the special day with that special someone. Be it stepping out for a romantic dinner , picnic or just a movie date , we thought we will share a few tips for you to look your best this Valentines day .

Putting some good makeup practices to use makes sense but then, isn’t “naturally so good” the way to go ? In this blog, we will talk about a few things which can help you achieve glowing skin ! The solutions provided will be categorized as in clinic as well as DIY procedures so that you know what combination would get you the best and long lasting results .


Dark Circles

In clinic

    • Fillers

Dark circles can be tough to get rid of, because sometimes they aren’t there because of our tough lifestyle or our eating habits. Sometimes, dark circles are there because our facial bone structure is such that it results in vein shadows showing up and the under-eye region appearing dark. In such a case, fillers can be of significant help as they add volume to the under-eye region thus reducing the appearance of dark circles significantly.

    • Peels & Laser treatments

Specific chemical peels which are curated after a thorough examination of the skin condition of the individual help in improving the skin quality in general. However, depending upon the specific requirement, i.e. whether it is skin lightening, pigmentation removal, evening up the skin tone, spot reduction, dryness etc, these peels can be further customised. Laser treatment also helps in breaking and reducing the pigment around the eyes that cause dark circles.



    • Concealer and cucumber pack

The cucumber pack works best when applied at night, before sleeping. The cooling and skin lightening properties of cucumber help in not just soothing the skin and fastening the damage reversal but also help in attaining a more uniform skin tone. Concealers are the last minute solutions, not something that we would recommend but if it helps you feel confident and you are able to feel more perfect than what you already are, then well, we won’t stop you from using one.


Body Odor

In clinic

    • Botox & Kosmo Sweat Free Treatment

These are what we call long term permanent solutions. Body odor and excessive sweating go hand in hand, and they do get embarrassing for people who have these concerns. However, with the Kosmo Sweat Free treatment, a quick 20-minute procedure is all that is required to ensure life-long freedom from excessive sweating and body odor.

Botox works similarly too- a quick injection and the sweating concerns can be bid adieu to for almost 6 months.



    • Deodorants & anti-perspirants

More of last minute and super short-lived solutions. Despite all the tall claims made, deodorants do not stay for long and if one has clinical concern of excessive sweating, the effect becomes even more short lived. Anti-perspirants on the other hand, do help in controlling sweating but the ideal affect lasts for not more than 3-4 hours.



In clinic

    • Fillers

Even though there are multiple DIY videos about how makeup can help one get pouts, that isn’t entirely true. This is because to have pouts, one needs volume and no makeup technique can give you that. Yes, an illusion can be created of course, but using lip fillers can give you the well defined , plump and fuller lips that you have always dreamt of.

    • Permanent Makeup

Eating and drinking becomes quite a mess when on a date because one needs to ensure that their lipstick doesn’t wear off. How about getting your lips colored the permanently? Sounds like a good plan right? Lip tattooing or permanent lip coloring is one such procedure which makes your lips the beautiful pink always. There is a choice of other colors too should you wish to experiment.



    • Scrub and plump gloss

They would give the feel but with the kind of expertise that we have, the desired affect would only come if one gets these applications done by a professional. These can be good last minute options if you haven’t had your procedures done yet



In clinic

    • Rejuvenation

Holding hands is going to happen after all. In such a case, does a good manicure solve all the purpose? How about making your hands softer and nicer to touch- a hand rejuvenation procedure can do that for you and all it takes is just one session and less than an hour.



    • Manicures

Should we even say something about these? We know that by now you would have already figured out what manicure suits you the best!



In clinic

    • Medifacials

There are so many jokes about people trolling their girl friends about putting so much makeup that they become hard to recognize. We are here to help you achieve naturally glowing skin .The 4-in-1 Oxyglow Medifacial at Kosmoderma not just nourishes the skin but also evens out and improves the skin tone while making it glow naturally. The procedure requires just one sitting. Alternatively, one can also opt for a Celebrity Photofacial which gives great results but is a more last minute solution.

One can also get rid of their pigmentation spots as well as get lighter skin. However, this procedure takes time and it is best to plan the sessions in advance so that the maximum effect is seen on the d-day.



  • There are several last-minute brightening peel off masks which you can choose from. Our suggestion would be a Papaya mask- instant results with a natural glow and evened out skin tone


Body Hair

In clinic

    • Laser Hair Reduction

We are sure that if you are reading this blog, you must already be knowing a lot about Laser Hair Reduction and Electrolysis for Hair removal. We can say that there are 70% chances that you must have already started any of these procedures and if you have been having your LHR done at Kosmoderma, we are sure that you would have already seen the results by now.If not get rid of unwanted hair permanently at Kosmoderma with Laser Hair Reduction.



    • Shave and moisturize

Of course if you have not managed to get your unwanted hair removed permanently, you need to book an appointment at the parlour for a wax or resort to shaving at home.

Hope all these tips helped and for any specific queries, we are just a call away!!

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