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We will discuss- first the reason and then give you the solution which actually works.

So, why does our skin darken in the first place- mainly because of melanin deposition and in some cases, it is just the skin reacting to the damage that is being done. This damage can be of a temporary or permanent nature and hence the solution has to differ depending upon the extent of damage being done.

Also, since melanin deposition takes place beneath the skin, the solution has to come from there as well. Which means- most of the topical applications where one is supposed to apply the ointment or cream on the surface will not yield result. That being said, there can be a temporary bleaching effect but if skin lightening is the goal to be achieved then that would not be possible.

In such a case, what should one do?

Well, the answer lies in trying out glutathione and/or laser.
Now, glutathione is the antioxidant responsible for your skin fighting the sun damage and thus preventing melanin deposition. Over time, as we age, the body’s efficiency in generating glutathione decreases and hence, we observe a subtle darkening of our original skin shade.

Depending upon, how diminished this ability gets over time, melanin deposition increases accordingly.

Glutathione intake in form of either oral shots or as injections boosts the glutathione levels in the blood thus helping in diminishing the melanin deposition and hence lightening the complexion.(We have a detailed blog dedicated to the composition and working of Glutathione, in case you wish to have some in-depth knowledge, please refer that)
In some cases, however, lasers are required to destroy the pigment and restore the complexion. The lasers not only give results faster but also are more effective than glutathione.

So, what do we say- consult your dermatologist and let them assess the level of pigmentation your skin has and let them prescribe a suitable combination of glutathione shots/injections/laser for you.

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