When it comes to skin, hair, and body-related issues, everyone searches for the best treatment possible! And for that, if you are seeking a Dermatologist in JP Nagar, you need not worry, just relax and check out the most popular award-winning Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics at JP Nagar. Kosmoderma is one of the most renowned and leading dermatology centers in the country that caters to all skin, hair & body concerns most efficiently in Bangalore.

Kosmoderma clinics is one of the most advanced skin clinics in JP Nagar & have successfully treated a large number of patients with several aesthetic concerns. The team of expert dermatologists have provided treatments for acne, scars, pigmentation, open pores , hair fall,skin rejuvenation & maintenance, stretch marks, body shaping, tattoo removal, anti ageing etc.

A Widely Acclaimed Skin Clinic in JP Nagar

Jayaprakash Narayan Nagar, popularly known as J.P. Nagar, is a renowned residential area located in South Bangalore. It is located close to areas such as Jayanagar, Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road, and BTM Layout. It emerged as a significant residential and commercial micro-market. And today, it is regarded as a significant residential colony in south Bangalore. It is home to many prominent singers, actors, and artists.

Here, in J.P. Nagar, Bangalore, Kosmoderma Clinic is the leading skin clinic and was founded in the year 2006 by Dr. Chytra.V. Anand. The team of doctors at Kosmoderma are well-trained, skilled and experienced specialists who undergo special training in the Training Academy under the guidance of Dr Chytra herself .
For the residents who live in JP Nagar and in the areas nearby who are seeking the expertise of skin doctors, Kosmoderma is the place to visit! Kosmoderma, with its branch in J.P. Nagar, is the best skin specialist in JP Nagar, which has treatments for Skin , Hair & Body under one roof.

Just like the heart, brain, kidneys, the skin is also an organ. Indeed the skin is the largest organ of the body & is very often still taken for granted. And, being the largest organ, it acts as a barrier and actually protects the body from any outside infections. So, taking care of our skin should be of utmost priority to us .

Good skin will eventually lead to several booming benefits, either socially or mentally. Having flawless skin , luscious hair & a sculpted body not only makes you Look Good but also helps you Feel Good - Be it at an interview, a date, or even while making new friends. The mental benefits may be even greater – it gives you a sense of feeling good about yourself and in turn boosts your confidence and helps you stay positive . So at Kosmoderma we ensure that there are specialized and skilled dermatologists for treatments related to your skin in J.P. Nagar and Trichologists for treatments related to the hair in J.P. Nagar.

Growing Need for a Skin Specialist

At some point in our lives, we all face skin & hair issues owing to several factors such as environment, hormonal imbalances, dietary habits, natural process of aging, etc. During such times, we need to consult a specialist/expert who understands our skin better than we do.

At Kosmoderma, we have the best dermatologists in JP Nagar. They have undergone substantial training in all advanced treatments related to skin and hair therapies, making them the best skin specialists near J.P. Nagar. The dermatologist in J.P. Nagar has taken the training from the International Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, thereby making them the best skin specialist in all skin and hair treatments.

For all the people looking for a dermatologist near J.P. Nagar, Kosmoderma Clinic is the perfect solution. At Kosmoderma , we understand how important it is to understand the concerns of our clients and treat them accordingly with personalised care & treatment plans. The aim is to always be honest about what would be Best for the clients!

Besides the training provided our team of highly skilled skin doctors attend International and National conferences on a regular basis to update their skills and technical know-how , thus making Kosmoderma , JP Nagar a pioneer in the field of Cosmetology .

Treatments offered at Kosmoderma

Kosmoderma Skin & Hair Clinic has a chain of highly efficient skin doctors in J.P. Nagar. They offer a wide array of skin , hair & body treatments like acne ( pimples) & acne scar removal, chemical peels , laser hair reduction, laser skin toning, skin pigmentation , skin maintenance/rejuvenation with MediFacials & PhotoFacials , dark circle treatment , body shaping and permanent fat reduction with coolsculpting, hair fall treatments like PRP, Stem cell therapy, facial beautification/ glamorization & anti ageing treatments like botox, fillers & thread lifts, micro blading/permanent makeup, skin tightening with RF devices like Intragen , Pologen & HIFU and surgical procedures like hair transplantation & cosmetic surgery in J.P. Nagar.

Kosmoderma has a team of India's leading cosmetic surgeons for surgical procedures such as surgical facelifts, breast or butt augmentation, Implants, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty etc.
At Kosmoderma, we treat all kinds of skin, hair, and body issues.

Kosmoderma: A Pioneer Skin Clinic in JP Nagar

  • Kosmoderma Clinics is a chain of top ranking Dermatology clinics with international accreditations and facilities.
  • All the treatments are scientifically proven and are facilitated using US FDA approved technology only.
  • All the products are manufactured after considerable research and trials across the globe (U.S., Europe & India).
  • Kosmoderma offers high standards of quality and provides safe, efficient, and affordable treatments.
  • Provide the best standard of healthcare in skin, hair, body treatments and maintenance, thereby being the best skin clinic in JP Nagar.
  • Kosmoderma is the most preferred employer for the skin and beauty industry.
  • It has successfully worked with the Medical and Beauty communities to bridge the gap between medicine and beauty.

Awards and Recognitions

Kosmoderma has been the recipient of several National and International Awards across the years. Some of the most prominent ones among them include:

  • Aesthetic Player of the Year, South-2016: Awarded by the India Salon and Wellness Congress, these awards are given for excellence in the different areas of personal care and wellness by India Salon and Wellness Congress.
  • India's Most Trusted Skin Care Clinic Brand-2015: As the name itself suggests, these awards gauge the customer perception towards a brand and dole out the results accordingly. Given by the Brand Equity Council, Kosmoderma looks forward to replicating this success.
  • India's Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic Chain-2014:Given under the umbrella of Indian Health and Wellness awards, the fact that we got the award as a chain and not just for a clinic speaks volumes about the uniformity of the service quality across all our clinics.
  • India's Most Promising Skin, Hair, and Laser Enterprise-2014: Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards are a set of prestigious awards for Leaders & Enterprises given after a thorough screening of their achievements for promoting innovation in their respective fields.

Best Dermatologist in JP Nagar

Kosmoderma Skin & Hair Clinic J.P. Nagar has the widest range of services for skin and hair concerns for Indian and International skin. Our CEO & Founder and Skin doctor in J.P. Nagar Dr. Chytra V Anand is trained in India and abroad. She is a Globally Renowned Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist, a celebrated speaker on Cosmetic Dermatology, and is a pioneer in her field. She is the best dermatologist in J.P. Nagar and has many awards to her name in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology .

With the best and latest technologies, state of the art facility and the best skilled and specialized doctors near J.P. Nagar, Kosmoderma clinic is the best option for all those seeking a skin doctor near JP Nagar & for all the skin and hair related problems.

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At Kosmoderma we have the skin solution for all your problems. Likewise, skin lightening therapies such as Skin Peels, Hydration treatments, Brightening and Lightening MediFacials are also availalable to help you look great.
Kosmoderma offers customized hair fall treatments for all your hair fall problems, inclusive of hair transplantation for the lost hair*.
We provide both invasive and non invasive procedures for body contouring. The non invasive procedures include UltraLipo, Lipodissolve, Kosmomax & Kosmonutrition. We are fortunate to have India’s best cosmetic surgeons for procedures such as surgical facelifts, breast or butt augmentation, Implants, Liposuction, etc.
At Kosmoderma, we treat all kinds of skin, hair and body issues. All you need to do is to step into one of our clinics and get the consultation done, rest is taken care by us.

Kosmoderma Clinics are the foremost top ranking Dermatology centres with international accreditions and facilities. All our treatments are scientifically proven and are facilitated using US FDA approved technology only. All our products are manufactured after considerable research and trials across the globe (US,Europe & India). We maintain high standards of quality and offer safe, efficient and economical treatments.

Dr.Chytra V Anand is an Internationally Renowned Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist and the medical director of Kosmoderma Clinics & MediSpas. She is one of the pioneers of Cosmetic Dermatology in India.

The first time I visited Kosmoderma clinic, I had met Dr Chytra to discuss my laser treatment, she put me onto the doctors who were eventually going to do my hair removal laser treatment, the Doctors made me feel very comfortable by explaning to me all the procedures they were going to carry out during my laser sessions. It was painful at times but knowing that I was being taken care of by professionals, put me at ease. I have seen great results and would like to thank the whole team at Kosmoderma with a special mention to Dr Pallavi Reddy.
– Chanda A.C

I had sagging skin under my chin which made me feel uncomfortable. With the help of face lift surgery done by Dr.Aamod Rao and the team of Kosmoderma, I feel confident now. A special mention to Dr.Chytra- who was motivating,encouraging & affable . Thanks to all who have done their bit, to make me look younger!!.
– M . Shankari

So, step into your nearest kosmoderma clinic today or call us at our hotline number +91-7676-757575 to book an appointment easily.

Vinyas Tower,No:41, Ring Road, 4th Phase,
J.P Nagar (Above HDFC bank @ Bannerghata Ring road junction), Bangalore, Karnataka
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 – 7676 757575

Clinic Timings : 10am to 7pm.

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