A tattoo is actually a kind of body transformation done by injecting metallic dyes, pigments or inks into the dermis layer of the skin. Since these pigments are foreign particles in the bloodstream, hence the body’s natural defence mechanism sends the white blood cells to fight them and flush them out of the system.
However, since the size of the ink pigments is usually large, the white blood cells are not able to flush them out at once but the process keeps continuing and this defence action explains why over a course of time (which usually lasts some 30-40 years), the tattoo starts fading away.

Tattoo Removal at Kosmoderma

The tattoo removal works in the way that it breaks the ink pigments into very small particles which can then be easily carried away by the white blood cells into the lymphatic cycles and hence out of the body.

The laser (pico-lasers, that is the wavelength is one over thousandth time a nano) when flashed at the pigments in the right intensity and for the correct duration, break these ink pigments into smaller particles basis the principle of varied temperature across the pigment size.

The emphasis here is on the laser energy (intensity in layman terms) and the fraction of the second over which the laser light is flashed for these two factors define the success rate of a particular tattoo removal session.

The Kosmoderma Advantage

The one advantage which Kosmoderma has over all other tattoo removal clinics is in the usage of US-FDA approved Lasers. US-FDA approval puts a stamp on the fact that the device and hence the procedure would produce an effective and safe solution for the client which in the case of tattoo removal is very important because a lot of precision is required in selecting the Laser intensity as well as pointing it at the area to be targeted.
In addition to the same, a team of trained doctors is something we have always boasted of and will do the same again here too but without going into much details of course solely for the purpose of not sounding repetitive.

Things you should know before undergoing Tatto Removal

First and foremost, it is important to know that Laser Tattoo Removal is usually not a one sitting process. Depending upon the complexity of the tattoo design, it can take anywhere between 4 to 12 sittings.

A little pain happens which most patients describe as getting hit by a pulled rubber band on your skin i.e. the pain is there but is bearable. The doctors usually apply local anaesthesia before the process which helps ease out the pain. Post treatment pain relievers are also given

The results are not immediate and it takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks before the results of a session start showing.

There are usually no scars after the Laser Hair Removal treatment. The expert doctors determine your skin type and tendency before the treatment to determinethe precise energy level and pulse width for your tattoo removal.

Though the process is very effective in general, sometimes certain color pigments become difficult to remove on account of their tendency to reflect all the laser beams. It is important to note that depending upon the colors in your tattoo, the Laser beam used will be different and so would be the number of sessions required. Black and Blue inks are usually the easiest to remove while colors like red take a number of sessions and may still not be removed completely.