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A step further and we think of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots and that is usually the end for us.

When we talk of sun damage, we usually think about sun-tan and darkening of the skin tone. A step further and we think of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots and that is usually the end for us.
But, contrary to the usual belief, sun damage can be as severe as causing permanent damage to the skin and in some cases triggering cancer too.


Here are some of the commonest severe damages that Sun exposure can cause

Solar lentigines

These are flat spots caused due to increased pigmentation at localised spots. Usually brown, black or gray in colour, they vary in size depending upon the damage done with the size and damage being in proportion. Lentigines appear on the areas which face maximum sun exposure and are usually found on the hands and upper back. Lentigines develop over a period of continuous exposure and are more common in adults as compared to teenagers.

Solar elastosis

This is a permanent condition caused by breaking down of the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin’s connective tissues. This breakdown is a consequence of excessive exposure to the UV rays. The result is the loss of skin strength and flexibility which appears as creases, wrinkles and skin sags

Lentigo maligna

It is a type of growth which develops on the face, hands or legs i.e. the area prone to maximum sun exposure. It is usually a dark flat spot which grows in perimeter over time. This condition is most prone to developing into a melanoma over time.


Hence, if you experience any mole/dark spot which you feel is growing in size over time, it is important that you visit a doctor and have it checked.

Labial lentigo

This form of damage affects the lips only. Labial Lentigo appears as a dark brown lesion on the lips- in most cases it is the lower lip that gets affected.


Poikiloderma is the condition whereby reddish brown pigments appear across the skin. This condition affects mostly the neck and chest.



Melasma is a dark brown layer that forms on the skin. It is caused not just because of the sun rays but because of a combination of sun damage and hormonal imbalance. It most commonly affects the pregnant ladies due to surge in estrogen levels but has also been found to affect several women post their menopause.

Actinic keratoses

This appears as rough, scaly patches on the skin. Their colour can be white, light brown, dark brown, gray or pink depending upon the skin colour of the person concerned. These patches are most commonly affect the face, ears, lower arms and lower legs- basically the areas which are more prone to accidental and constant sun exposure.


This was all that we had on Sun damage types. Should you wish to know more about the treatments, we are always a call or message away

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