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8 specific points to give a more natural looking lift

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Also, since surgical procedures have been in the industry for the longest time, it is only natural that the expertise and inclination towards them is high.

However, fairly recently, the 8 point lift technique has started taking over as the preferred face lift procedure. The major reason for it being preferred is its non-surgical nature.
The technique involves injecting fillers at 8 specific points on the face to give a more natural looking lift to the face.

To give a more detailed understanding, the lifting points are explained below. For a brief update, you may refer to the shared image:
Points 1 and 2 for the Cheekbone structure
Ageing results in natural loss of the cheekbones or as can be put, the cheek bones soften due to calcium deficiency over time. Because of this, the skin at the said area sags and gives the face a droopy look. Some people also lose their fat over time which ends up giving a sunken look to the face.
Liquid lifts at these points give volume to the face while also resulting in skin stretch which happens due to the added volume.

Point 3 for the Tear trough area of the midface
Mainly for the under eye concerns. This lift reduces the structural hollowness of the under eye area by giving volume there. This volume not just makes the area plump up but also reduces the dark circle appearance.

Point 4 for the nose to mouth folds’ straightening
This point is for giving volume to the area around mouth and below the nose esp in the cases where ageing has resulted in fat loss.

Point 5 for straightening the Corner of mouth
For correcting the lip curve which gets a downward turn over time.

Point 6 for the pre-jowl area
A jowl formation results due to loss of volume in the jaw, cheek and chin areas. Adding volume to point 6 in addition to other points helps prevent jowl formation.

Point 7 for a more defined jawline
A defined jawline looks good and adds youthfulness to the face. This point caters to that.

Point 8 for adding volume to the lower cheek area
This point lift adds volume to the lower cheek area and reduces the appearance of facial folds and sagging chin. This point is specially important for regaining the natural shape of the face.

The procedure duration is usually 45 minutes or less inclusive of all the operational and treatment activities. The treatments on its own is a 20 minute procedure.
The results last for 12-18 months and if required, a person might take touch ups to maintain the look.

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