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The After Party Detox | Kosmoderma

How to detoxify your skin & body

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The Wedding season is still on and the Year End Celebrations are already waving at us full smiles! Such an awesome time to be alive it seems to be and of course it is.

And please, do not expect us to say that you should watch your diet, do exercise, stick to your healthy routine blah blah blah because when it is festivities- routines and discipline are nothing but "Blah Blah Blah"!

See, a bit skewed schedule and some breaking of rules is important for us as humans- important to establish that we are still mere mortals, especially when whatever binging is done during this small window can be easily undone or detoxified.

So, here we are telling you about what you need to do to detoxify your skin and body after a fun-filled time of festivities:

Let us start with the Skin First!

The Skin- Easier Done than Said!

  1. No heavy make-ups because first, you wouldn’t need them and second it is important to let the skin breathe
  2. Go for a simple clean-up or maybe a head and shoulder massage. This because a soothened up head and shoulders will take your tiredness away and put the glow back on the face
  3. Massage almond oil into your facial skin daily at night before sleeping. A gentle massaging with the tip of your fingers will be enough to replenish the lost suppleness
  4. The weekend immediately after your last party- stay insides and relax.

None of it is too much to do. All of the above are just letting your skin know that it can relax again and once it gets relaxed, the healing will happen on its own!

The Body- Now this will need some work!

Hot water and lemon in the morning- the first thing you do after you wake up is given but there are a few other things too.

  1. Soak your feet in slightly hot water with salt dissolved in it. Do it twice in a week for one week (say Tuesday and Friday). It soothes up your legs and feet well. Important thing is that you need to soak up to your knees.
  2. Incorporate beans and chilli in your diet. The chilly will burn the fat that you accumulated faster than it would have been normally and the beans will provide enough protein and fibre for an effective digestion.
  3. Say no to tea and coffee and incorporate Buttermilk in your diet. Go for chilled buttermilk to keep your insides cool.
  4. You can also take probiotic drinks to further fasten up your metabolism in case you have a slow one.
  5. Get enough sleep- actually give yourself a bonus of 2 hours extra and be a bit lazy for a week. Your body will get enough hints to know that it is back to the relaxed mode again
  6. And for the exercise part- well you just need to take stairs and walk as much as you can!

We hope that you found the aforementioned to be doable and a bit different from the usual clutter of information.

Follow them when the time comes; till then, Happy Festivities!

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