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Daily Hair Care Routine

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Now, men do not have as many grooming choices as women do but there are two things which can instantly make or break the look- a well groomed beard (if it is there) and the hair.

With the tiring and rough routine males generally face, grooming the hair becomes a task. Beard grooming, well the laser shaping can take care of that but hair care always tends to take a back seat.
Another major concern becomes the distorted idea of hair care most males carry- shampoo regularly to keep your hair clean.

So, let us burst a few myths and understand the right way to take care of the manly hair!

Do Not Shampoo Everyday
Constant shampooing dries up the hair by draining the natural moisture. If at all, the case is that the person sweats a lot, in that case use a mild shampoo- a baby shampoo on most days with the regular shampoo being used not more than twice a week.
Also, shampoos come with instructions for the type of hair they should be used on. Hence, do not pick your shampoo randomly. Choose the one which is made for your hair type.

Use a Conditioner
Yes! There is nothing feminine about using a conditioner. A conditioner shuts down the pores which are left open after shampooing. This prevents environmental dust and infections from causing scalp troubles thus keeping your scalp and hence hair healthy.

Get a Haircut Regularly
Well, yes you are lucky because you can keep cutting your hair every now and then unlike most females. Cutting your hair short and regularly helps to keep them in good health.

Select Your Hairstyle
Haircut is not just about going and getting any random haircut which basically involves cutting the hair short. A hairstyle can change your looks considerably so spend some time on it and then go for the one which goes best with your personality.

Carefully choose your styling products
Do not choose your styling wax or gel randomly. Go for products which are specifically curated for your particular hair type. Since animal testing is cruel and has been stopped, hence test your products on a small hair patch before applying it generously over the entirety. Also, refrain from using them regularly because at the end of the day, they are chemicals which can damage your hair and in some cases cause premature hair ageing.

These are a few basics, you should consider while taking care of your hair.
However, hair fall, hair loss, dandruff etc are the concerns which can plague anyone irrespective of how much care they take. The maximum help a good hair care regime will provide will be to delay the damage.
So, what when the damage finally happens?
Well, you do not have to worry because we are just a call away.

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