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How many waxing sessions do you take monthly.

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Contrary to what you might have thought his post would be about- it is not about Economics at all. That- only if you are a first time reader, if you keep reading our blogs regularly (which we assume that you must be doing and if not then you should) then you must have known that this blog would be just a bit of information and some fun mixed in the best concoction to send across the message in the best possible manner for you to digest!

So, anyway, we will first talk of the monetary part first but before that let us make a guess at how many waxing sessions do you take monthly.

Let us assume it is once in a month- but that would mean not wearing your favourite dresses for at least 15 days but okay! We go a bit higher on the lazier side and make it once in 45 days which means almost 30 days of not wearing your favourite dresses which is just too much!

So, once in 45 days becomes 8 times in a year and we assume that you would be the same young and gorgeous vivacious beauty for a period of at least 25 years after which some of you might just start having other life goals for which waxing wouldn’t matter much; but then a smooth you is no life goal right, it is just your choice!

Without getting into philosophical hypothesis and talking feminism on our stride, let us talk about those 8 sessions taken over 25 years which become 200 sessions in your lifetime.

Now average cost of waxing you arms, legs and under-arms stands at around ₹1000 (inclusive of taxes) so that makes it a whopping ₹200,000 i.e. TWO Lacs in your entire lifetime.

₹2 lacs for waxing? How justified does that sound to you and if you add Brazilian and other waxes or some improved variety of wax, the price goes even higher!

Now you tell us, a Laser Hair Reduction process at ₹70,000 or say around ₹1.2 lacs without any discounts- how in-expensive is that?

Also, count in the pain- the enormous pain or okay if you don’t feel much then the “pain” that waxing causes against almost no pain of LHR!

Also, every time you get waxing done, you lose out on the savings- Lost Opportunity Cost!

So you are making both actual and theoretical losses- tangible as well as intangible in nature and you are still thinking of having waxing soon!

You deserve our salute and of course we love you!

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