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Well, the answer to these questions lies in understanding why does one gain fat in the first place. This blog attempts to explain the same.

Fat is basically the “thing” stored in the fat cells and the fat cells are the cells whose number in the body varies with every person. But what do fat cells have to do with anyone getting fat. The answer is- everything!

Fat Cells are the cells that store fat in them. A bunch of adipocytes or fat cells together forms the adipose tissue or the fat. The major function of these cells/tissue is to store energy in the form of fat but they are also responsible for insulation and cushioning the body.

Though no concrete evidence has been found on what decides the number of fat cells in a body, yet most researches point that it is a hereditary implication.

Another interesting fact to know is that fat cells do not form throughout a person’s life. Rather by the time one has touched their mid twenties, most of the fat cells have already been formed. Over time, some damage and repair mechanism exists but the number of fat cells remains more or less constant.

Now, the fat cells have infinite capacity to store fat and expand in size so whenever you overeat, you know where the fat goes.

When a person exercises, the fat from the fat cells gets used up to create energy and keep the body functioning well. Now, fat cells produce a hormone called leptin which signals the brain to stop eating.
As the fat in the fat cells dissolves, the fat cells produce lesser and lesser leptin and thus the brain keeps asking for food to replenish the lost fat and hence giving us hunger pangs.

Also, even if the entire fat from the cells gets used up, the cells remain and hence the tendency to get fat. Thus your two questions can be answered as:

Why am I getting fat, how can i reduce it– Because, your body is storing fat. This can be both hormonal or because of your lifestyle. Try keeping a check on your lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising and the results should show. In case they do not, consult a medical practitioner and get your hormonal profiling done.
How should I prevent myself from getting fat again– Remember, you will always get fat if you get back to your pre fat loss lifestyle. So, maintain the discipline. Does that mean you should starve yourself- NO! Include natural fruit juices (not the canned ones) and fibrous food in your diet. Try millet based preparations- this will not just keep your hunger in control giving your brain a pseudo- I am full feeling but also help with digestion.
So, after having read this blog, we hope that you now know that having fat and fat cells in your body is not in your hands, but the size your fat cells can expand to- you definitely have control over it!

Women and Men when born, have essentially the same fat cell number. It is only after the puberty hits that the fat cell characteristics and distribution starts varying with the gender. While men store fat around their chest, abdomen and buttock giving them an apple shape, women store it in their breasts, waist, hips and buttocks giving a pear shape.

Also, in many cases, men are found to have lesser fat cells than women (a hypothesis which still needs a scientific evidence to back but is supported by observational data)

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