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A good night's sleep and a pedicure once a month is going to help!

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Don't be scared. No magic has happened! We had given enough signs, and since nothing worthwhile was coming our way, so here we are. Forced to speak and maybe spook you out a bit to put the point across.

The face looks so good. The hands get their manicure, waxing, cleansing, moisturizing, lightening & brightening. And for us, even a sunscreen is too much to spare! Sad our life is, and it is not that we don't hint at it! We do show it to you by getting all cracked up, hard on certain parts, smelling and spoiling your socks & shoes with fungal infections. Sometimes painting too. But all you think is- A good night's sleep and a pedicure once a month is going to help! Like really?

Anyway, we think that maybe we only should tell you what we want. Please take a note of that. And if you pay no heed to it, be ready for some serious foot related issues with fungus, skin cracks, bad smells, infections and what not.

So here is what you need to do for us:

  • Soak us in warm water (not hot) for about 15 to 20 minutes. And instead of using Epsom salts which make us dry like anything, go for a mild body wash. You can also have a tbsp full of table salt in lukewarm water & we would enjoy the spa like treatment to our muscles. We would prefer this care regimen at least once a week and twice a week would be more than enough
  • When you finally decide to scrape that hard dead skin off, do not abrade us with anything you find. Use a good quality pumice stone and you can use it say once a week also because we love that gentle rubbing
  • When out of the bath, we appreciate being softly cuddled to dryness with a soft towel. Especially between the fingers because any moisture left there will spell problem.
  • Now, comes the moisturizing and please, unless your podiatrist has specifically mentioned, avoid putting anything between the fingers. It doesn’t dry easily and when you wear your shoes or socks above that- the same smelly fungal trouble is there again.
  • Now for the shoe part- can you please have 2 or 3 favorites for the week? Please, it is not so good wearing the same thing over and over again. And we say this because first, we need to shift shapes from tight fits to heels to flats and whatnots. And this is important for our muscles plus it will also make you look like someone who knows the vogue! A particularly shaped shoe every day & the pressure on certain points becomes constant which can result in muscular or bone issues later.
  • Also, we know that we can force our way out and make the shoe adjust to your command, but please understand that this unnecessary pressure of uncomfortable shoes does a lot of harm to us. That pressure that gets built up leads to excessive pain and even you know it!

Lastly, please understand that we are your part too! We have a lot of responsibility on ourselves, we have to carry you around. Treat us well. Because once we get into trouble, it usually lasts long and almost makes you immobile, or a public embarrassment. You wouldn’t want that!

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