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The Harm which Lack of Sleep can do to your Skin and Hair | Kosmoderma

There is a reason why our elders or even the beauty experts keep saying that one should sleep well to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Lack of adequate sleep results in constant tiredness and lack of productivity, making people irritable too in many cases. If such "less sleep" bouts happen often, it can result in a lasting harm being done. While some of these damages wouldn't show up directly on the face, the ones that eventually do would make one look older and unhealthy.

While the physiological damages that happen to someone due to lack of adequate sleep isn’t something that is our expertise, we would in this blog, talk about the damages that lack of sleep does to our skin and hair.

Read on to know more on the damages that sleep deprivation results in.

Skin becomes Dehydrated

Inadequate sleep messes with the digestive system significantly because keeping the body awake requires excess energy, which is way more than what is required to sustain the functions while sleeping. This results in a pH imbalance in the body in general, the result of which shows on the skin in form of dryness.

In some cases, pH imbalance also results in an uneven skin tone and formation of dark spots on the skin too.


Dark Circles and Eye Bags Appear

Dark circles occur because your eyes are tired and eye bags occur due to excess water retention. The under-eye region is the most sensitive of all the body’s skin and hence even the slightest imbalance results in darkening and stressing out of the region.

The water retention can be accounted to the fact that the eyes when they start getting tired, start drying up too. Thus, when they finally get to relax, the nerves tend to store more water than is usually required to account for any dryness that may happen later due to the disrupted routine.


Wrinkles and Fine Lines start appearing faster

This is an indirect consequence of skin dehydration only. The more supple and softer the skin is, the more is its capability to repair itself and rebound to its original shape after stretching happens. It might be surprising to know but even the most basic expressions that we make stretch our skin and the tissues in and beneath it. Hence, if these tissues lose their elasticity due to the lack of water or adequate hydration, the obvious result of the same would be fine lines and wrinkles appearing.


The Hair become brittle & split ends appear

Whatever protein we take, it reaches the hair last because even though hair form an integral part of our looks, our body treats them as waste, shedding it the moment it feels that they are taking up nutrients which could have been otherwise used by the rest of the body.

The immediate consequence of such a nutrient exhaustion is the hair becoming brittle and dull. Thus, even a simple brush to the hair breaks the hair at multiple points resulting in frizzled or split ends.


Hair fall increases

For reasons explained in the point above, depriving the body of the sleep beyond a point will result in hair fall too and since hair fall is usually the last and most severe step in the hair damage that is to happen, the reversal to normal will take its own time.

We usually do not give much importance to getting a good sleep. Every time there is something exciting- be it work related or in our personal lives, sleep is the first thing that is unchecked off the self-care list. However, one needs to understand that to run a machine well, it needs breaks to recharge. Our body is that machine and a good sleep is the ideal recharge.

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