The Heel Story

The Heel Story

Heels are the one fashion accessory every female irrespective of the age maintains. While some might go for the starting 2-3 inches, others opt for 6-7 inches one.
The kind of boost it gives to our self confidence and looks in general is unparalleled and of course as has been said already, shoes (just like diamonds) are a women’s best friends.

But unlike best friends, heels can be harmful for not just the posture but the overall being of the body. This is because the added height comes at shifting of the pressure centres of the body and the spine reshaping it to suit the needs.
Does that mean that one should not wear heels at all or is there any ideal frequency or heel type one can consider? What about fashion and so many dresses which go well with heels only?

Well, this blog answers all of them but before that, let us have a look at the damage being done and why wearing heels always needs a serious thought:

The damage done:
Wearing heels shifts the pressure from your complete foot to the balls of your feet, thus increasing the pressure per area and hence the strain on your tendons.

To balance this abnormal distribution of pressure, the achilles tendon gets stretched and stiffens up over time. The hips thus protrude outside resulting in the spine to curve up and move outwards.

This in turn puts additional pressure on the knees to ensure that the upright posture is maintained.

Thus, while the overall body shape becomes attractive, it strains several of the body muscles and a constant exposure to such conditions over time can result in osteoarthritis or soreness in the back and calf muscles.

How to Avoid the Damage while still maintaining the Style Quotient
Well, it is not difficult at all. All you need to do is to make the following simple routine changes:

  1. Alternate your high heels with wedges, lesser heels and block heels. This will ease out your muscles
  2. When sitting, take your heels off and rotate your feet clockwise and anti-clockwise to facilitate smooth blood circulation. Widen up the fingers of your foot and stretch them so that they can relax
  3. Include leg/calf stretches in your exercise routine. This will help strengthen your muscles so that they can endure more
  4. When you wear heels, make sure you cap the time to not more than 3 hours and post that let your feet relax
  5. Make sure that every night before sleeping, you give your feet a gentle warm soak to loosen up the deposited lactic acid and soothe the muscles. Follow this up with a gentle massage using a foot cream on your sole. This will prevent the skin from hardening.

Hope this would let your feet have a nice time too while you look your sassy best like always!