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2020 might be all about living your best life, and achieving that preternatural glow while you’re at it. Certainly, your skincare game should be on point. But, deep down, are you guilty of turning a blind eye towards a physical attribute that can make or break your look-hair?

With the daily bustle comes a volley of beauty woes, and the need for thick, voluminous tresses tops the chart. If you’ve been googling up on how to increase hair density, that’s a sign in itself. The need to increase hair thickness and improve hair density has touched an all time high, owing to erratic sleep cycles, chronic stress, long hours of commute, and binge-y weekends are some of the reasons leading to the need to increase hair density more than ever before. Lucky for you, you’re on the right page.

Nobody wants to step out with scanty, limp or undernourished hair. The quality of your hair has a vital role to play in your overall appearance. The quality of hair density determines how young you look (irrespective of your biological age). While you may not really know how to increase hair density, it’s always a good idea to switch to a healthier leaf.

Quite like most millennial young adults, if you’ve been guilty of subjecting your hair to intensive chemical treatments, your hair is bound to retaliate and bear a limp appearance in due course of time. But, while you may not really want to check in to a trichologist (an expert who studies hair and scalp) at the first sign of premature greying or thinning, there’s no real reason to put haircare in the back burner-especially if hair density is an area of concern. So, the next time you let out a silent shriek at the pitiable state of affairs of your hair, here’s what you need to do.

While genetics have a role to play in determining the thickness of your hair, the right diet teamed with a few effective DIY packs can do wonders to your tresses.

    1. Watch your diet: A balanced diet has a lot more to do than just helping you shed those extra pounds. Aside from enhancing your mental health, one of the best ways to achieve optimum hair density is by watching what you eat. Swap that mid-morning cuppa to a cup of green tea. Packed in nutrients and anti-oxidants, green tea spells great news to your hair in the long haul. Especially if you’re on the lookout for ways to enhance the volume and thickness of your hair. One cup of green tea a day is known to increase hair thickness to a large extent. Green tea is rich in catechins, a property that helps reduce dihydrotestosterone (DTH)- a feature attributed to hair loss. Green tea also helps in thwarting off dandruff while fighting dryness.
    2. Massage, massage, massage: Grandma was right, after all. Given the screen-lit bustle, it’s common to give a routinely massage a miss. Yet, it’s the same hot oil massage which makes a world of difference to how hair’s health and appearance. A 20-minute massage offers deep nourishment to your scalp. This helps improve hair density as the circulation promotes natural growth while increasing hair thickness. Incorporating some time for a weekly massage in your schedule is strictly recommended.
    3. Hello, aloe: If you’ve been thinking of how to increase hair density, and wondering if there’s a miracle drug out there, the answer is a resounding YES! And well, it’s aloe vera! Crush it, grind it or squeeze out the juice-do what you have to, but slather on a DIY pack if you wish to increase the volume of your hair over a period of time. But, do ensure that you stick to a routine and do this regularly.
    4. Moisturizing is key: Skincare junkies know the importance of moisturizing. But, it doesn’t stop at just adding a potent conditioner to your shopping cart. Rather, real moisturization comes from loading up on the greens, and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.
    5. Be gentle with your hair: This is probably one of the most overlooked steps when it comes to haircare. But, the manner in which you wash your hair goes a long way in determining the health of it. While it’s awful and certainly a bad idea to have greasy hair, one must remember to not overdo the washing bit either. Women with coarse hair must make it a point to use a conditioner. Always choose sulphate free shampoos, and wash your hair with lukewarm water.
    6. Trim it: For the longest time, women believed that cutting their hair regularly was a dicey move owing to the slow hair growth. Yet, experts have quashed this rumor time and again. If you wish to increase hair density, do get an occasional trim. Ideally once in six weeks is recommended.
    7. An ‘Egg’celent solution: Love eggs? How about adding it to your haircare routine, too? Eggs are rich in protein, a component that constitutes 75% protein. Eggs boost the nutrition in your hair, and also helps increase hair density within a short span of time.

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  1. Vitamin C: The benefits of Vitamin C cannot be stressed enough. They’re imperative for your overall health, and more so if you’re searching for ways on how to increase hair density- mango, spinach, berries, tomatoes, oranges, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, and leafy veggies are full of Vitamin C. Avocadoes and gooseberries are great sources of Vitamin C as well. You can consume it or use these to make effective hair packs. Do keep it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off.
  2. Homemade juices: Fresh lemon and onion juices are great choices to consider if you’re really keen on increasing hair density without burning a hole in your wallet. Onion juice is a great hair growth enhancer, and is also known to combat hair fall effectively.
  3. Choose your oil: More often than not, we are guilty of using oils that don’t work for us. If you’re searching for ways to increase the thickness of your hair without opting for a hair transplant , it is important to put enough thought into your choice of oil. Castor, pumpkin and mustard oils are known to help lock in moisture for longer, eventually leading to increase hair thickness.

Do consult an expert if you wish to get to the root cause of the issue or determine the health of your hair follicle. Medical experts at Kosmoderma specialize in offering custom-made services for individuals across ages. You can get in touch here:

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