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Remember a time, not too long ago, when lurid skin treatments became the talk of the town? Be it vampire facials and caviar body treatment or bird poo facials and leech therapy, quirky skincare treatments have always had a major moment. And, no brownie points for guessing why – Nothing compares to a natural glow that radiates from inside out. Needless to say, great skin buoys your confidence and amps up one’s self-esteem. But, while you’re on the quest for that preternatural glow, ever wondered what’s the real barrier between you and the skin of your dreams? Well, here’s the answer: It’s excess pigmentation. The presence of excessive Melanin in the body gives more colour (in colloquial terms) or a darker appearance to the skin.

Sure, you can slather on a volley of “skin repair” products or root through drastic procedures that can help get rid of melanin content. But, if you are genuinely concerned about your skin’s health above just temporary results (which you must) then it is highly suggested that you must get to the root of the matter-melanin. Over the counter creams spell danger and are often accompanied by side-effects such as dryness, irritation, redness and itchiness.

What is Melanin Pigment and What Does It Do?

Your skin tone is directly proportional to the percent of melanin in your body. Basically put, melanin is the pigment created by the melanocytes cells. Hence, the answer to a natural and healthy glow lies in finding ways to reduce skin melanin. Despite having the same number of melanocytes, some individuals (belonging to a certain race, specially) have melanocyte cells that produce more melanin that the others, resulting in the darkening of the skin or hyperpigmentation. Moreover, with constant and unprotected sun exposure in due course of time, some areas of the skin develop a darker appearance than the rest. That said, not being mindful about the ways to reduce skin melanin can also bear harmful results in the long haul. As they always say, there are no shortcuts to great skin-more so, if it’s got to do with decreasing the melanin content in your skin.

7 Effective Ways To Reduce Melanin

irrespective of what your day-to-day skincare routine looks like, it is imperative for all of us above the age of 25 to invest adequate time to reduce melanin. More so, if you’ve been concerned about the skin’s lustre and health.

    1. DIY paste:If you’re quite the DIY junkie who loves to try out different natural and easy to make face packs; the lemon juice pack is your safe bet. Owing to its high vitamin C content, lemon is a great skin lightening agent, but one must be wary of its harsh nature. Using lemon juice directly on your face is not recommended, more so because it might feel harsh on your skin. Settle for a diluted version, or mix it with half a spoon of curd. Avoid stepping out soon after rinsing your face. Rub an ice cube if you’ve got sensitive skin.
    2. Tropical creams and ointments:While over-the-counter products might seem like a budget-friendly option; the reason they work is because of an ingredient that suppresses tyrosinase, the main enzyme needed for melanin synthesis. This checks the melanin production and leads to lighter skin.
    3. Equip yourself well for sun exposure: Indeed, it is crucial to get your daily fix of Vitamin D from the sun. But overexposure to the sun results in a host of skin issues, one of the primary ones being that of your skin creating more melanin. In order to protect your skin, ensure that you do not skip the sunscreen. Sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful UV rays that slows down the melanin production-eventually resulting in healthier skin. What’s more, unfiltered UV rays put you at a higher risk of contracting varied types of skin cancer. Always settle for a sunscreen with a broad spectrum, SPF 30, which is preferably water-resistant. Avoid stepping out during 10 am to 2 pm-when the rays are at its peak, and triggers a host of redness, itchiness and dermatitis.
    4. Avoid bleaching at home at all costs:Several women are tempted by the idea of getting a lighter skin in an instant-all thanks to the instant results of skin bleaching products like hydroquinone. But, while it can result in a lighter skin tone, experimenting with the same at home can prove counterproductive. As a rule, steer clear of products that contain hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia.
    5. Antioxidants:Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants like berries , papaya , kiwi , carrots , spinach , broccoli or consuming green tea on a regular basis help us to keep our glutathione levels in the body under check . Alternatively antioxidant supplements are the safest bet for those who are on the lookout for ways to steer clear of skin damage. These work as an internal sunscreen, owing to the presence of Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Bioflavinoids and Pycnogenol. Pegged as one of the most effect ways to reduce melanin from skin, antioxidant capsules can heal a host of skin ailments caused due to prolonged sun exposure.
      In addition to the supplements one can also opt for Glutathione injections. Glutathione is a master antioxidant , helps fights free radicals , protects the body from harmful UV rays and helps reduce the dark melanin pigments. While expertly discretion is advised, these capsules & treatments offer an instant boost in terms of added internal protection.
    6. Chemical peels: From acne issues to the treatment of discoloration of skin; chemical peels have a long-standing repute of treating skin issues. If you’ve been suffering from a blotchy complexion or excessive melanin for long enough, you might want to consider undergoing a chemical peel therapy. The presence of acids like glycolic acid or lactic acid makes this an effective way to reduce melanin in skin, over a period of time.Given how the procedure falls under a cosmetic treatment, it is imperative to ensure that you consult your dermat and are honest about your skin’s health history before going ahead with a session.
    7. Laser therapy: Laser treatments work around a pulse of light to remove top layers of skin. Laser therapies are popular among young adults who are always on the search of how to reduce melanin, especially in the long term. Most laser treatments are known to greatly reduce the melanin content in the treated areas.

Some of the most popular skin lightening laser therapies are:

Ablative lasers : In this therapy, the laser removes the outer skin layers and are strongly recommended in the cases of severe discoloration.

Non ablative lasers :These are gentler and more popular than ablative lasers. Non ablative lasers promote collagen growth, which makes way for new skin to develop. Intense pulse light (IPL) is one such treatment that’s widely used to do away with discoloured spots.

Q-switched ruby laser (QSRL).This laser treatment is mostly used to heat and dissolve the skin.

While it’s a great option to consider if you plan on settling for a permanent solution, laser therapies come with side effects like discoloration, scarring, and infection. Always consult with a dermatologist and be upfront about your health history before signing up for laser therapy at a clinic.

Indeed, you might want to go the extra mile to achieve that healthy skin. But irrespective of what your skincare budget looks like, beautiful skin is often the by-product of timely maintenance that entails a balanced diet and enough fluids to keep your body hydrated all through.

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