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Massage has many benefits and helps get the skin into a natural balance. It can reduce stress which can help reduce acne symptoms. However, this must be balanced against the potential irritation the actual massage can engender.

Facial massage can be a nightmare for someone with acne prone skin. Inflammatory acne, the kind most of us get that creates red lesions, responds poorly to massage that involves continuous stroking movements or kneading movement. This is why it is so important to keep the acne-prone areas of your skin relatively untouched when treating inflammatory acne.

Massage obviously includes lots of touch. Depending on how sensitive your skin is to irritation, massage can potentially disrupt the delicate balance in the pores, which can cause temporary pore damage and may cause inflammation.

But there is no need to be disheartened. Clients with acne can go for Shiatsu massage and also lymphatic drainage that not only relaxes but also helps control and resolve acne issues by balancing hormones. Massage therapy has been proven to help treat a wealth of conditions from stress, to sports injuries, to health issues, and even high blood pressure. Now, it’s been shown to be effective in treating acne too!

  • Shiatsu is a Japanese technique of applying pressure to specific points of the face & neck. It releases muscle tension & loosens lymph. Shiatsu massage, stimulates circulation, balances hormone levels in the skin, and regulates the production of sebum. The massaging movement on the skin can also help unblock follicles where the oil and bacteria are trapped.
  • Lymphatic Drainage uses gentle pressure on the lymphatic system to remove waste materials from the body more quickly. Lymphatic drainage is a medical procedure and should be done by a trained therapist. When the body has a hard time removing lymph, it causes swelling, water retention, and discomfort. Lymph nodes are the powerhouses of the body, regulating fat, sending out white blood cells to heal, and disposing of bacteria.

Do’s and Don’ts for acne massage

  • Do ensure talking to your doctor if facial acne massage is right for your particular type acne. There are different kinds of acne and not all can be treated using massage therapy.
  • Do wash your face and hands, particularly your fingertips, before massaging the face for acne treatment.
  • Do not use very heavy oils for massaging as these could clog the pores and further increase breakouts. One may use essential oils like tea tree or lemon along with the carrier oil to massage acne prone skin.

You may also try the following @home remedies.

Aloe Vera

Directly break open aloe vera plant leaf and remove the gel inside it. Massage all over the pimples in circular motion. Do not press the gel or pop your pimples. The key is to use firm yet gentle pressure to treat the acne and scars. Wash off after 20 minutes. Aloe Vera gel is also ideal for massaging on the acne scars as it can considerably lighten them.

Grapefruit seed extracts

Grapefruit seed extract oil mixed together with water forms an excellent massage base. Do not use this remedy if you have open zits or blisters as the acid in the fruit can cause burning sensation.

And finally, last but not the least, do combine a healthy diet, adequate water intake as well as exercise apart from depending on acne treatment alone. And don’t be afraid to get a massage as long as as you are getting it under professional supervision.

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