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How does a Diaper Rash look like?

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But, everything that is precious needs extra care and so do babies. The famous baby soft skin does require maintenance and for babies who have that super soft skin, the care becomes even more important.

One of the major concerns comes in the form of regular diaper rashes. However, are they really something to worry about? How seriously should these be taken? How to know that one needs medical attention? Can they be prevented? Is there a permanent solution? What causes them in the first place?

A lot of such and multiple questions would be answered in this blog.

How does a Diaper Rash look like?

A diaper rash is characterized by reddish tender-looking skin usually in the buttock, thigh or genital region, basically the regions where the diaper touches.

Major Causes of Diaper Rash

Some of the major causes of diaper rash include:

Continuous chafing

If the baby is made to wear diapers regularly, considering that even the softest of the diapers are harsh for the baby skin, the probability of having rashes increases manifolds.Also, if the baby has a tendency for or is experiencing frequent bowel movements, the continuous wearing on and taking off of the diaper would also cause rashes which would get further aggravated by the constant contact with feces and urine

Bacterial or fungal infections

The area covered by a diaper is usually damp or even if not damp, doesn’t receive adequate air in order to keep it dry enough to prevent any kind of bacterial or fungal infections. The dampness further aggravates this concern which results in infection and rashes as a result thereof.The areas most susceptible to such infections and hence rashes include mostly the creases of the skin.

Irritation to a new product

Baby skin is sensitive and hence any regular thing can be an irritant too. The skin might react to a cloth, detergent or fabric softener being used or even the new disposable diaper and result in a rash. The rash might also result because of the ingredients being found in baby lotions, drying powders or oils being used as well

How to Prevent Diaper Rash?

Not a rocket science here, the simple thing is to ensure that the area is clean and dry. Other than this, try not to use diapers all the time. Cloth based soft diapers are available which make sure that the baby’s skin gets enough ventilation and well, they can be washed too so the solution is not just good for your baby’s daily usage but is eco-friendly too.

Here are a few quick pointers though:

1. Change the diapers often.

2. Rinse the baby’s bottom with soft-lukewarm water everytime after passing stool or
urine. Warm water prevents bacterial manifestations

3. Always use soft towels to pat the skin dry as rubbing causes rashes too

4. Apply powder in order to soak moisture further and make sure that the dryness

5. Avoid overnight usage of diapers, instead use cotton based knickers.

When should one See a Doctor?

If the rashes do not get better in a few days or if it starts bleeding or oozing or causes irritation during the usual bowel movement or the baby starts becoming irritable in general, it would be better to see a doctor immediately.

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