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What is Glutathione and Why Do You Need it? | Kosmoderma

Skin lightening has become a phenomenon in the aesthetic industry these days.

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"There are just so many solutions in the market that it has become really easy for anyone to choose one and try it out. However, the effectiveness of the solutions isn't guaranteed."

For instance, let us take the case of fairness creams. Almost all such creams guarantee in their ads that they can result in lightening the skin tone by at least two shades in a matter of two weeks- a claim that is supremely false even if we take the ideal application scenario where no further skin damage is happening and the skin’s quality remains at least the same as what it was at the time of first application.

The reason is that darkness/dullness of the skin comes from melanin deposition- a process that happens below the visible skin layers and not on the surface of it. Hence, any solution that acts on the surface of the skin will have hardly any affect. In addition to this some fairness creams are also known to have bleaching agents which give a temporary lightening effect to the skin in the short run however, application of the same over time can damage the skin quality significantly.

Next in the line of skin lightening treatments come home remedies. Be it application of turmeric or aloe vera or certain home-made face packs, the logic defining the effectiveness remains the same- any superficial application will not yield any results because the root
cause lies below the skin.

In such a case, what options does one have if one wants an effective and long lasting skin lightening solution?Lasers and Glutathione treatment which act at the skin depths are two viable solutions; this blog touches on the topic of Glutathione and its effectiveness.

What is Glutathione?

We can take the scientific route and explain the biological and chemical composition of glutathione but to make things easy, let us say that Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant produced inside our body which facilitates the immunity boost of the body in general and is involved in the building of body tissues & their repair. In addition to this, Glutathione is also responsible for maintaining the levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the body and makes the harmful chemicals and toxins in the body water-soluble thus facilitating their easier excretion.

Why do we need it?

The key reason which makes glutathione one of the most effective skin lightening solutions is the fact that it is synthesized naturally. Thus, even if taken externally, the composition being same as the one produced within the body helps in the ingestion facing very little resistance. This is because the internal systems regard the ingested glutathione similar to the glutathione already present in the body

Glutathione can be taken in both oral form as shots or as injections. Many dermatologists prefer Glutathione over lasers when it comes to the skin lightening of the entire body. This is because, the glutathione option turns out to be not just economic but also has barely any side effects , irrespective of how sensitive the skin is. One can have side effects only when glutathione is taken in an incorrect manner or wrong quantities.

For skin lightening , Glutathione works in the following ways:

1. Glutathione prevents cell damage due to the harmful free radicals :
Glutathione is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants produced in our body. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it can easily fight off the damage due to the external environment

2. Glutathione is anti ageing in nature :
With age the levels of glutathione in the body reduce . Without the protection of Glutathione the body & the cells age faster. Replenishing glutathione becomes crucial if you are looking to maintain younger looking glowing skin .

3. Glutathione helps in Skin lightening :
When taken in the right amount/dosage , glutathione helps reduce the dark melanin pigment converting them to lighter pigments and therefore making the skin brighter & lighter and more even toned. Also, the fact that it helps in maintaining the Vitamin C levels in the blood, further facilitate its skin lightening properties

4. Helps maintain healthy glowing skin
All in all, even if one doesn’t want to go for a skin lightening/whitening treatment, glutathione can be key to a naturally glowing healthy skin with the bonus being that no chemicals are intook. All that is taken in, in the case of Glutathione is completely natural and natural is definitely the way for a sustainable skin regime.

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