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White Patches - Possible Causes & Treatments

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At Kosmoderma, amongst the multiple general dermatology cases that we treat, white patches are the major concerns amongst a significant number of our patients.

With little or not so diverse information available on the same, it becomes obvious that the questions that come along are as many too. In this blog, we will try to address some of the most common reasons behind white patches and also talk about the possible causes and treatments for them.

Tinea versicolor

These are the white spots that appear in shades of pink, red and brown and are more
noticeable on darker skin tones. Some major symptoms of this skin condition include itching, scaling and persistent dryness.

The probable causes of Tinea versicolor include excessive sweating, oily skin and/or humid, warm conditions. There is some skin bacteria/yeast always present on our skin. Tinea versicolor is caused when the yeast growth gets triggered.

The most common solution for tinea versicolor involves being in slightly colder and drier conditions. While at the earlier stages, OTC products such as topicals that reduce yeast growth would suffice, a more dedicated treatment would include the application of medications such as miconazole, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole and clotrimazole.


Eczema is one of the most common skin concerns characterised by red itchy bumps which
are usually raised above the surface of the skin. Sometimes, these patches can be in the form of white spots or patches too. The areas commonly affected by eczema include the face, scalp, hands, feet, elbow, eyelids, wrist and back of the knees.

The rash if scratched a lot in order to satisfy the itch can even lead to open and leaky sores. Eczema rashes may flare up and recede without an obvious pattern. Symptoms may even remain dormant for years at a time. Eczema is common in children but can affect people of any age. It may be a lifelong condition.

Treatment for eczema focuses on symptom management. You may be able to reduce your
symptoms with proactive behaviours that keep your skin healthy and lubricated. Using anti-itch creams or oral allergy medication, such as an antihistamine, may help reduce itching. If these solutions aren’t enough, your doctor may recommend topical corticosteroids.



Vitiligo occurs when the production of melanin by the cells (commonly called as
Melanocytes) stops. This results in white patches on the body. These patches are usually symmetric and affect the knees, hands, genitals, hair and in some cases the inside of the mouth and nose too.

Vitiligo can be treated through the usage of corticosteroid creams and in case of severe conditions, using surgery to treat the affected areas.

Pityriasis Alba

It is more often than not a skin condition that can get resolved by itself. Most of the treatments undertaken in case of pityriasis alba involve treatment for skin discolouration or itchiness.

The most common treatments for PA involve regular usage of moisturisers and topical
corticosteroid creams.

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