Imagine going to a party and putting a lot of concealer just to hide those darkened circles below your eyes or the daily struggle of not putting Kohl (Kajal) to enhance the beauty of your eyes because they enhance your dark circles more and you end up looking as if your eyes have gone deep into some socket. Or you wake up in the morning to find those swollen eyes which are stubborn enough to stay for not less than a day at least!

If that is the kind of problem that you face, all you need to do is to read on to know if your dark circles can be treated at home or if they need expert intervention.

What Causes Dark Circles

Before jumping to what causes dark circles, let us define dark circles for you. Dark circles are actually the half moon shaped formations just below the eye area commonly called tear trough area which gets darkened due to several reasons which will be discussed below. Sometimes, however, the tear trough area does not really darken but gives the appearance of being dark. Such a situation is caused due to the default facial structure which causes the eyes to appear hollow.

Pigmentation still remains the major cause of dark circles especially for the Indian skin but it would be equally safe to state that hollowness of the eyes or the facial structure comes as a close second when it comes to the number of people who have dark circles.

The major causes of pigmented dark circles are enumerated below:

  • Nutritional Deficiency: A deficiency of Vitamins A, C, K and E in specific result in the formation of dark circles around your eyes.
  • Smoking and Drinking: Not directly but an imbalanced lifestyle resulting from late night parties and dehydration due to excessive drinking may result in those dark circles
  • Sun Exposure: The sun dehydrates the skin and sometimes people also tend to rub off the face hard in order to wipe the sweat off. The dehydration and friction that results from the respective acts cause darkening of the sensitive area around the eyes.
  • Hormonal Changes: Sometimes, hormonal changes during the time of pregnancy and menstruation may also be the cause behind the dark circles
  • Anemia: Low iron levels in the skin lead to poor oxygen retention in the blood which results in dark circles
  • Stress: The direct relation between stress and dark circles has still not been established but many people report aggravation of dark circles when they are under stress
  • Allergies: Eczema and certain allergies which cause itching can cause dark circles due to repetitive rubbing of the sensitive area surrounding the eyes on account of excess friction

While above is predominant, there are other causes which are quite common in occurrence.

As mentioned above, apart from pigmentation of the skin, the area around the eyes appears dark due to various reasons as listed below:

  • Facial Bone Structure: A hollow facial bone structure near the eye creates a shadowing impact which make the tear trough area appear dark. The hollowness is mostly either due to the natural absence of fat in the region or due to sudden weight loss resulting in fat reduction. Surprisingly, this particular factor features in the lesser acknowledged causes, despite being a highly common reason for the appearance of dark circles. The reason is simple, for most people, the fact that something other than the usual pigmentation can cause dark circles to appear remains unknown. A very evident proof of such an ignorance lies in the fact that most of the discussions on the web and offline center around reducing the darkening or whitening the skin. However, worry not! As the experts do understand this contributor to dark circles and have solutions that can help overcome this particular situation. One such solution lies in injecting Hyaluronic acid into the tear trough area replaces the lost fat and facilitates re-contouring thus reducing the dark appearance.
  • Heredity: Some people just have a tendency to get dark circles. In such cases, skin lightening treatment taken over a period of time may help in keeping the dark circles in check
  • Veins giving a blue tint: Sometimes, especially for people who are comparatively dark skinned, if their veins are prominent, it might result in giving a darker tinge to the tear trough area especially since the skin is usually not very tight here.
  • Liver disease: Liver dysfunction diseases such as hepatitis may also result in dark circles. Hence, it is advisable to get the same tested if relevant vaccination has not already been taken for the same.

Regular eye treatments at Kosmoderma can certainly postpone the problems for many years and soften the seriousness of it when it does happen. We use US-FDA products and our professionally trained therapists know well how to handle your delicate below the eye skin.

Treatment for Dark Circles

Though not accurate, some basic skin care at home can help keep dark circles at bay, if they are being caused by pigmentation.Following are some easy home based treatments one can follow for dark circle removal

  • Applying almond oil and gently massaging it into the tear trough area helps. One needs to follow the procedure and leave the oil over night followed by washing it with cold water in the morning. The effect can be seen within 14 days, however, the same must be continued till all the dark circles are gone
  • Due to its skin lightening and slightly astringent properties, cucumber works wonder for the dark circles’ treatment. Putting refrigerated cucumber slices (refrigerated for 30 minutes) for about ten minutes daily starts yielding results in about 10 days
  • Grated potato also helps because of its bleaching and astringent properties. The procedure to follow includes, grating a potato and squeezing the juice out of it. The juice is then refrigerated for about 20 minutes. Post which, one needs to dab a cotton into the juice and put it on the eyes such that it covers the entire dark area. The same needs to be kept for about 5-10 minutes. The effect starts showing in about 2 to 3 weeks

However, due to recurring damage and sometimes because the dark circles are attributed to the facial structure or heredity, expert intervention is required to remove the darker areas.

Expert advice at Kosmoderma

After thoroughly examining the reason behind your dark circles, our expert dermatologist suggests you either of the following treatments based on their relevance with respect to your case:

  • Eye cream containing Vitamin K (“BriteEyes” eye cream from Kosmocare) which helps lighten the pigmentation and rehydrates the skin.
  • Eye peel with Arginine / Retinol / TCA which helps rejuvenate, depigment, hydrate, and exfoliate the skin without compromising on its pH.
  • Eye mask containing Vitamin E and seaweed extracts which help to drain lymph and acts as an anti-ageing agent.
  • Injection of Hyaluronic Acid in the sunken socket areas helps replace the lost fat and re-contour sunken sockets. It helps reduce friction between the bone and skin thereby reducing pigmentation.
  • Injection of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) containing growth factors to rejuvenate the skin. These growth factors also help in lymph drainage.
  • Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment with Laser helps attain long lasting effects. The treatment is given in a combination of peels, lasers, and fillers if required. Unlike Laser Skin Resurfacing this Laser Treatment does not remove any skin so there is no recovery time & is very safe & effective. It helps break the pigment into smaller particles and is taken out by bodies normal mechanism. It also helps in textual correction.
  • Fractional radio frequency helps take care of skin tightening around the eyes for better skin texture and produces new collagen. It thereby helps dark circle caused by friction and photo-ageing.