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Say 'goodbye' to hurdles of waxing, shaving, or epilating by staying at your own home! Also, don't risk skin health by self-treatments. Instead, select Kosmoderma's Laser Hair Reduction at Home.
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Safe & Reliable Laser Hair Removal at the Convenience of Your Own Home

Say ‘goodbye’ to home remedies of waxing, shaving, or epilating. Don’t risk your skin health by self-treatments that may cause ingrown hair, razor burns, itching, pimples, or inflamed hair follicles! Instead, select Kosmoderma’s Laser Hair Reduction at the convenience of your home.

A trained medical aesthetician comes to your home with U.S FDA Gold Standard Laser equipment and performs sessions, assuring clinical precision & long-lasting results.

Your safety is our priority: The Kosmoderma team is fully vaccinated & remains uncompromising on safety. Before each session, our aesthetician undergoes multiple body temperature checks. Kosmoderma’s QC team constantly ensures that only sanitized equipment is dispatched to the client’s location.

Our aesthetician comes to your doorstep with the PPE kit, wears a face shield throughout the procedure, and uses sanitizer frequently. The aesthetician also sanitizes the equipment at the client’s location before use to ensure 100 percent safety.

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is a clinically proven, non-invasive, painless procedure to remove unwanted body hair on the chest, abdomen, bikini line, legs, rear, or any part of your body.

3D Technology

Combining three different wavelengths into a single hand-held device for efficient absorption, deeper penetration levels, and extended coverage area. Selectively targets & disables hair follicles of the chosen area.

Personalized Care

Each skin is unique, and depending on the sophistication of care we tether! Our expert aesthetician carries out a detailed skin assessment before starting the procedure at home for incredible results.

Trained Professionals

Our LHR expert analyzes and sets your safe Laser Hair Removal Plan at home. Each medical aesthetician updates their skillsets with a mandatory 100 -120 hours training program per year.

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Steps of LHR at Home

It is your lunch break procedure! Just four simple yet powerful steps.
Step 1

An assigned medical laser hair removal expert evaluates the skin & hair type of the client to determine a safe and effective LHR plan

Step 2

Our medical LHR expert curates each client’s personalized aesthetic plan through a holistic approach based on the hair thickness of the targeted area, skin tone, medical history, and much more.

Step 3

Our medical LHR expert administers lasers over the targeted area by reassuring the client’s comfort at each move. Disable hair follicles in targeted areas preventing hair regrowth.

Step 4

Our medical aesthetician observes the treated area for a while and assures the success of the LHR plan. Then, gently massages the treated areas and closes the session.

What People Will Talk About Us After Using Our Services ​
Awesome service by Kosmoderma! I continued my work from home as usual after the procedure.
Mrs. Shalini Sinha
Felt the same clinic-level experience at home. The procedure took only 45 mins for me.
Mrs. Ashwini Gowda
Staff was wearing PPE kit all time, sanitizes frequently, overall a safe and happy procedure.
Mr. Vishal B
Book LHR anytime, from anywhere in Bangalore.
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