What is a Skin Tag?

Skin tags are little, noncancerous developments that are generally of the same colour as that of skin. They frequently seem to be a bunch of skin tissue reaching out from a small stem. Skin tags are innocuous developments that can differ in number from one to hundreds. Men and women are similarly inclined to develop skin tags. They’re some of the time more obscure and may look like a raised mole. Most skin tags regularly are little from 2 mm-5 mm in diameter , yet some can develop as extensive as a couple of centimetres going from 1 cm-5cm in width.

Treatments to Remove Skin Tags

  • What causes Skin Tags and where do they appear on the body?
  • Who tends to get Skin Tags?
  • What are the Treatments available to remove Skin Tags?

Skin tags usually happen when the body produces additional cells in the skin's top layers. They generally form in skin folds and regions where normal development makes the skin rub against itself. They can show up anywhere on the body, yet particularly where skin rubs against other skin or apparel. Usually they appear on eyelids, under the breasts, armpits, upper chest, groin, genitals and neck.

Most of the population sooner or later in their lives have skin tags. In spite of the fact that tags are procured (not present at the time of birth) and may happen in anybody, more frequently they emerge in adulthood. They are considerably more typical in middle age, and they will quite often increase in predominance up to the age of 60. Skin tags appear to be common in:

  • Individuals who are obese
  • Those with diabetes
  • Ladies during pregnancy, perhaps because of hormonal changes and elevated degrees of development factors
  • Those for certain sorts of human papilloma infection (HPV)
  • Those whose nearby relatives additionally have skin labels

1. Over the counter treatments : Mainly over the counter treatment products are available. They freeze the skin tag and after 8-10 days, the skin tag falls off from the skin

<2. Physical methods : Skin tags are also removed by using physical methods like using dental floss to cut off or tie off the tag.

3. Surgical treatments: Skin tag can be burned using an electrolysis method through the process of cauterization. In some cases, the blood supply to the skin tag can be hindered using the ligation method. Skin tag can also be removed with a surgical tool named scalpel through excision. Cryosurgery can also be done where the skin tag is frozen in a container containing liquid nitrogen.

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