• What is ear lobe repair?
  • What are the Causes behind earlobe damage?
  • When to Seek medical advice for earlobe repair?
  • Some treatments for earlobe repair without surgery

The ears are one of the most vulnerable but often overlooked areas of the body that can suffer pain due to the usual pressure we put on them. Pierced ears have been a trend throughout history, but newer piercing trends, combined with greater accessibility to piercing methods, have increased damaged earlobes. Having multiple piercings or wearing heavy earrings does take a toll on the poor lobe after all. The stretched holes are aesthetically unpleasant and cause a lot of pain which one might want to avoid, which is where Earlobe repair comes to the rescue. Ear lobe repair is a simple, hygienic, minimally invasive reconstructive surgical procedure performed to restore the appearance of ear lobes that have been ripped or elongated due to trauma or piercing or heavy earrings.

There are many causes of split earlobes and enlarged piercing holes. Split earlobes are often caused by acute trauma, which may occur when earrings are pulled through a piercing hole; for instance, when a small child or an enthusiastic dog greets the owner or the earring gets tangled in something and gets pulled out. Even the repeated pulling of clothes on and off the head while wearing earrings could inadvertently cause trauma. Wearing heavy earrings regularly also lengthens the piercing hole and eventually causes it to pull through over time. Split earlobes may even occur in people who have not pierced their ears. Sometimes clip-on earrings that are too tight may restrict the flow of blood to the earlobe, leading to necrosis or death of the specific part of the earlobe, causing a split earlobe. Some other causes of swollen earlobe may include-

  1. Bug bite
  2. A type of bacterial infection of the skin is cellulitis. It can be painful and can cause red and swollen skin.. Other symptoms of an abscess may vary but include fever, nausea, and local drainage. The abscess may get worse if it is not treated.
  3. Another prevalent cause of a swollen earlobe is contact dermatitis. Usually, this is due to an allergic skin reaction to certain forms of jewelry. Like other non-hypoallergenic metals, nickel earrings can cause one or both of the earlobes to swell. Avoiding irritant-containing jewelry may help prevent symptoms and allow the ears to recover.

Sometimes, home remedies will quickly and efficiently treat swollen earlobes. An individual should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis if home remedies do not relieve swelling or other symptoms. When swelling or other symptoms worsen or the earlobe leaks pus, medical attention may be required. Infections should be treated to prevent complications as soon as possible.

Treatment of the enlarged earlobe depends on the severity. People with a swollen earlobe should avoid allergens in the future due to an allergic reaction. If the cause of a swollen earlobe does not require medical attention, some home remedies can also help reduce symptoms.

  1. Over-the-counter medicines: pain and inflammation medicines such as ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), and naproxen (Aleve) can decrease pain and swelling.
  2. Warm or cold compresses: A cold compress can help numb the pain, and to minimize swelling, a warm compress can improve circulation in the area.
  3. Antihistamine: Oral or topical antihistamines can help reduce signs of allergic reactions and bug bites. The use of calamine lotion can help soothe the rashes.
  4. Astringents: Astringents can help constrict the tissues and reduce swelling in the earlobe, such as witch hazel.
  5. Tea tree oil: This essential oil can improve the process of wound healing and fight off bacteria.
  6. Oatmeal baths: In an oatmeal bath, allergic reactions, discomfort, or scratching can be relieved. An individual may keep their ear in a small bowl of warm water and finely ground oatmeal or apply the mixture directly to the ear before rinsing.

Treatment for earlobe repair in Bangalore at Kosmoderma

If you are searching for some great treatments for earlobe repair in Bangalore, then Kosmoderma can help you with this. We offer earlobe repair surgery that is safe and effective. Ear lobe repair or surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery performed to correct deformities in an individual’s ear lobes. In particular, this reconstructive plastic surgery effectively treats patients who have suffered damage to their ear lobes due to an injury or others who have extended or torn or split ear lobes.

This surgery is fast and efficient and has two forms -flesh tuner repair and split ear lobe repair surgery. These surgeries are commonly carried out as corrective steps for wrong ear piercings and other forms of body art that adversely affect a person’s ear lobes. The ear lobes may also be stretched by heavy earrings and caused to elongate. Ear lobe repair, however, will address all of the cosmetic problems you face with the appearance of your ear lobes.

We also offer a treatment for earhole repair without surgery, commonly known as Sutureless earlobe repair treatment. Women who have either worn heavy earrings or had a child pull on their earrings usually have broken or split earlobes. The only procedure for fragile earlobes was previous cumbersome “surgical treatment with sutures.” A novel surgical approach to patch damaged earlobes without using stitches is earlobe surgery without stitches. New holes can be developed within three weeks of surgery. Your long earlobe slits can be repaired within half an hour, and you don’t need to visit again to get your stitches out. Once healing is complete, a fine line will appear, and this will also fade away with time.

We also offer the facility of earlobe fillers, also known as ‘eartox’. With the increasing trend of wearing heavy and oversized earrings, women face sagging lobes, so they opt for earlobe fillers to enhance them. The procedure involves smoothing out the deep lines around the ear and giving them some definition. The ear’s collagen becomes flabby and wrinkled, so fillers are injected to provide them with a more youthful appearance. This is a non-surgical treatment in which hyaluronic acid injections are given, which plump the face’s area. It is becoming increasingly popular in teens and adults.

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