Superior Skin Hydration Range by Kosmoderma

  • Kosmo Gentle Cleanser
  • Kosmo Ultra Moisture Blast
  • Enzyme mask
  • Hydra Boost Gel
  • Moisture Boost Cream

A MultiCleanser

For All Skin Types

Cleansing is the most important part of a skincare regimen. Cleansers come in many forms and should be used twice a day. Soap is not usually recommended, as it can leave a film on the skinand can be quite alkaline, causing dryness. Cleansers that rinse clean with water and are not too harsh are the best choices.

Kosmo Cleanser is a multi-cleanser that thoroughly cleanses, hydrates and also protects the skin. It has a unique formula that is suitable for all skin types & conditions. It’s active yetgentle ingredients like oats; shea butter will leave the skin feeling soft and supple. This soap free product is non – irritating and cleanses without leaving afilmy residue that can clog pores. Because it is pH balanced, it protects the acid mental layer of the skin that in turn protects the skin from sun damage and dehydration.

Healing Therapy

For dry to very dry skin, chapped skin on face, body and lip areas. Kosmo Ultra Moisture Blast is made of urea, glycerol, Hyaluronic acid and lactic acid 1 %. It can heal the most common concerns occurring due to dryness of the skin.

This multipurpose cream can be used for:

  • Patients with amyloidosis / acanthosis / hyper pigmentation
  • Post procedures on face / body areas after Phenol peel, TCA Peel, Black Peel
  • Darkening of underarms, inner thighs, knees, elbows
  • Ingrown hair
  • Chapped dry lips as a lip balm

Kosmo Ultra Moisture Blast can be used for all skin types, except oily skin on the face.

An Instant Glow

For All Skin Type

Because Kosmocare Enzyme maskdramatically benefit the skin, it is an ideal addition to your skin care regimen, delivering radiant skin in just 10 minutes.

Made with papaya & pumpkinenzymes, Kosmocare Enzyme Mask is designed to address dull skin, pore congestion, dehydration, and more. This professional-grade mask is formulated with a lot of research and advanced ingredients to yield dramatic skin improvement. It has natural source of antioxidants with vitamins to protect the skin and it also helpsbrighten the skin tone by exfoliating dry dull skin and lightening superficial pigment. Enzyme mask is super concentrated and penetrating; so you only need to use it once a week. It is a perfect pre-party/pre-event mask because the benefit of this mask can be seen almost immediately, as it gives an instant boost to theskin.


  • It makes the skin smoother and softer
  • Brightens the skin complexion
  • Helps with cell rejuvenation process
  • It improves skin ability to retain moisture
  • It helps product penetration
  • The skin becomes smoother which makes the application of makeup easier

Quench Your Skins Thirst

Suitable for all skin types.

Kosmoderma's Hydra Boost Gel is a superior skin hydrator & is the answer to all your dry skin problems. When you are done with moisturizers and creams and your skin still feels dry, Hydra Boost Gel is the solution. Hydra Boost Gel contains special ingredients that are retained in the skin and keeps releasing its benefits longer than any other skin hydrator. The Hyaluronic acid restores the skin barrier and keeps the skin supple, glowing, and hydrated. The Tocopherol ( Vit E) protects the skin against free radical damage & DL Panthenol repairs the skin from overexposure to pollution and helps rejuvenate the skin.

Soothe , Refresh & Moisturise.

For All Skin Types.

Kosmoderma's Moisture Boost cream is a blend of (naturally) hydrating ceramides and hyaluronic acid that soothes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin. The ceramides of the cream stimulate and renew skin cells.The infusion of Glycerine and Sodium Hyaluronate act as humectants that replenish the skin's moisture and provides instant hydration to the skin.The cream melts into the skin to soothe and prevent environmental damage & water loss. A perfect pick for nourishing the skin, our Moisture Boost cream evens out skin texture to make it soft & supple. A light gel textured moisturiser, Moisture boost easily penetrates into the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

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