Founded by Dr. Chytra V Anand – an Internationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist – Kosmoderma has a highly qualified and trained team of medical professionals who offer premium quality Skin Lightening services with USFDA and European CE approved technology.


What is Skin Lightening/Skin Whitening?

Skin Lightening (or Skin Whitening) is an advanced technique that uses substances, mixtures or various other physical treatments to lighten the color of the skin. Skin Whitening treatments work by decreasing the content of melanin from the skin. Melanin is dark pigment often caused by the frequent exposure of the skin to UV radiation.


What are the Benefits of Skin Lightening?

There are a plenty of advantages when one decides to go through any of the Skin Lightening treatment options. Some of the benefits of Skin Whitening Treatment are:

  • Lightening of the Skin: As the name suggests, the skin whitening treatment helps in reducing the darker areas of the skin or give it an even skin tone.
  • Get Rid of Skin Problems: The Skin Whitening treatment helps an individual get rid of hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scars, etc.
  • Psychological Advantages: When an individual is suffering from skin problems mentioned before, s/he might also develop low self-esteem and feel s/he is unattractive. Thus, when the Skin Lightening treatment is undertaken, it also helps in boosting the confidence.
  • Inexpensive: One should note that the Skin Whitening treatments do not drill a big hole in the pocket provided you avail it from a leading dermatologist clinic such as Kosmoderma.
  • Not Very Time Consuming: The various types of Skin Lightening/Whitening treatment that are available are easy and do not consume much of an individual’s time.
  • Easy Maintenance: The maintenance of the skin after the treatment is quite easy and hassle-free.

How is Skin Lightening/ Skin Whitening Done at Kosmoderma?

Kosmoderma  offers various types of Skin Lightening/Whitening treatment. They are:

  • Skin Peeling

Kosmoderma offers safe and effective Skin Peeling method. The same helps in whitening of the skin to a great extent. There are again two Skin Peeling methods for Skin Whitening: Acid Peel and Microdermabrasion.

Benefits of Skin Peeling

Gradually helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles | Alleviates dry skin | Removes dead skin cells |Smoothes rough texture | Helps to lighten pigment / dark spots | Softens the skin and appearance of ‘open’ pores |Helps reduce and dry out active acne | Exfoliates razor bumps | Reduces ingrown hairs and smoothens the markings |Reduces the appearance of acne scarring|Enhances homecare programs by allowing active products to penetrate deeper

  • Brighten and Lighten MediFacial

Radiance MediFacial is another method of Skin Brightening/Skin Whitening that uses a medical pigment lightening agent with the ionic properties of galvanic current to lighten and brighten the skin.

The enzymes that are used are the mildest peeling agents available that restore the radiance of healthy skin. A specialist lightening ampoule & mask is applied to further lighten the pigmentation and brighten the skin.

Benefits of Brighten and Lighten MediFacial

Apart from lightening or whitening the skin, the medifacial helps in:

Superficial pigment spots | sallow looking skin |Dark circles | Tanned skin | Pigmentation from acne |pregnancy and pills

  • PhotoFacial

In PhotoFacials, light-based technology to treat brown spots, broken capillaries, boost collagen growth to treat sun-damaged aging and acne-scarred skin. Depending on the skin condition, the type of photofacial administered works on concerns ranging from redness, light acne scars and rosacea to broken capillaries and hyper pigmentation. It is an excellent way to create a smoother, healthier-looking complexion while stimulating ongoing collagen growth.

Benefits of PhotoFacial*

Smaller pore size | Improvement in skin’s firmness and elasticity | Even skin tone, eliminating brown spots, age/sun spots and blotchy areas |Smoother overall texture |Removal of fine dark hair above the lips, around the sides of the face |Refreshed appearance |Improvement in the appearance of acne scarring

  • Skin Hydration Method

Skin Hydration is a relatively new technique offered using a specially prepared version of hyaluronic acid for Mesotherapy linked to a specific injection technique. This allows an experienced practitioner to directly inject hyaluronic acid into larger areas of skin to help improve skin quality and hydration.

Benefits of Skin Hydration Skin Whitening Technique

This Skin Lightening technique improves the condition of the dermis and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and the body`s own hyaluronic acid. it also enhances the body`s defence against free radicals, thereby improving cell function and contributing to a fresher and more youthful skin appearance.

  • Glutathione for Skin Whitening

Glutathione (GSH) is a natural antioxidant which is present in our body. However, it decreases with the increasing age and without the protection of GSH, the cells and body age faster. Under the Glutathione treatment for Skin Whitening, Glutathione dosage in the form of injections and pills is given to those who look forward to having fair skin.

Benefits of Glutathione Method for Skin Whitening

The skin treatment by Glutathione that is offered helps in:

Brightening the skin | Rejuvenating the skin | Keeping away the signs of anti-ageing


Skin lightening/ Skin Whitening in Bangalore


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