Spot Reduction of Fat Non Surigcally


Tired of that fat bulge, especially when no amount of exercise helps you… the tummy fat, love handles, bra fat, upper arm, outer thigh or double chin???

If you are looking at non surgical fat reduction then Cool Sculpting is the answer.  This is the latest revolutionary treatment in the body shaping market today and available exclusively at Kosmoderma Clinics in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Cool Sculpting is a US FDA approved patented technology where body fat is cooled down to minus temperatures and is then broken down to be eliminated by the body’s own lymphatic drainage. The procedure is very comfortable, there is no pain or discomfort.

The technology is based on freezing the body fat, which would result in crystallizing the fat cells. Crystallization causes the fat cells to be destroyed unlike liposuction or other fat reduction devices. This is then eliminated by a natural process and hence a suction is not required. It is suitable for all age groups, gender and body type as long as the fat is pinchable and its spot reduction.

Cool sculpting is advantageous in many ways. It is known as a lunchtime procedure as small areas can be treated in under 75 mins. And one can resume work and normal activities right away.

Common FAQ ‘ s:


1. Can one machine do it all?

The machine comes with hand pieces of different sizes which is chosen depending on the fat content, body type and area size. The procedure is customsied based on fat and body type

2. Can we treat entire body at once?

Each area is treated as an individual unit so as to give consistent results. So lower abdomen can be 1 or 2 areas, love handles are considered 2 areas, left & right, double chin is one area .

3. How long does it take?

The session takes 1 hr for each hand piece. Eg. For 2 areas, the session lasts for 2 hrs.

4. Is it painful? Do I need anesthesia?

No anesthesia is required. The procedure is not painful. You can bring a book or watch movies during the course of the procedure.

5. When can I see the results?

Results are seen over 8 – 12 weeks time, as this is.

6. Is One session enough?

One to three sessions may be required with the gap of three months based on the amount of fat to be treated. If it is just minimal spot reduction, one session is enough.

7. Can I lose weight?

When combined with exercise it helps in weight reduction. For every 5 inches of fat you will lose 1 kg of weight approximately.