Aging is a natural process and it is almost inevitable. However, to age gracefully or not is a result that depend on entirely how we treat our skin and body.

At Kosmoderma, we know that with the kind of stress that we have, the atmospheric conditions and of course our lifestyle, aging comes fast and easy.

  • What Causes aging?
  • The early signs of aging
  • Anti-aging Treatments at Kosmoderma

Multiple theories abound citing various reasons for aging. The most commonly accepted one talks about the damage concept.

As per this theory, due to the environmental conditions as well as our lifestyle, the damage keeps piling up onto our DNA which eventually results in the biological system failing and hence aging

The initial signs of aging include:

  • Fine lines near the lips
  • Fine lines or crow feet near the eyes
  • Fine lines on the forehead

At an advanced stage however, following signs can be seen:

  • Sagging skins
  • Permanent creasing near the lips
  • Prominent wrinkles on the forehead

Depending upon the stage of aging that one is at, following treatments or a combination thereof is offered at Kosmoderma:

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